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Hemp Bedding

Hemp Bedding

Hemp bedding for small animals from 100% hemp, especially low in dust and suitable for allergic pets, softer than pellets and economical.

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The Dogs danglies

Tried all the alternative bedding materials from wood shavings through the range to confetti, all were dusty and some odorous, however, the hemp is excellent, all my gerbils and hamsters seem to love it, little or no dust easy to handle and pleasing to the eye, the cages when lined with this appear to produce a more natural and friendly captive environment. I have had no complaints from the residents as yet. Best on the market and a great price too.

Mike (24/01/16) Back to Hemp Bedding

Best bedding for hamsters I've seen yet.

My Syrian likes to climb a lot, and falls off the top of her cage quite often. So I needed a substrate softer than the pellet kind to break her fall. But I didn't want to deal with the dust of wood shavings, or the cost of some of the artificial beddings around. This hemp bedding turned out to be fantastic. Softer than pellets, with no dust, and very economic. The 100L bag will last a long time, even with my hamster living in a large enclosure. Very happy and will continue to use in future!

Samuel Ramsden (19/12/15) Back to Hemp Bedding

my hamster loves it!

Just started using this after finding the confetti carefresh rather dusty. This really is dust free and my hamster is having a great time diigging in it. Will definately be ordering more.

M. Clements (21/09/15) Back to Hemp Bedding


Well knowing that sawdust and other bedding isn't good for small animals I am delighted that zooplus sell Hemp bedding and at such a good price! I totally recommend hemp bedding.

bethany shipsey (11/06/14) Back to Hemp Bedding

Allergy friendly

I buy this bedding because it has a very low dust factor and keeps both me and my hamster from sneezing.

Rachelle (09/06/14) Back to Hemp Bedding

does the job

I brought this because I got scared by stuff on the internet about wood shavings for small animals ( not being good for them) I have since found out that it is just hype by mis-informed people and there is no absolute proof but I will say that my hamster likes this hemp and it does seem to be less dusty than sawdust so if you have a deep cage and want some serious tunneling I would get this hemp again but maybe in a bigger bag

nina Truman (28/04/12) Back to Hemp Bedding


I used to use carefresh for my hamsters, but i find it way too expensive, so i thought i would give hemp a go, it's brilliant! It's very absorbent and great for hamsters that like to dig, I have never looked back on it!!! :)

Chinese Dwarf Hamster loves it

I use thick layers of this stuff (about 4 inches deep) to line my hamsters' cage floor. She spends much time digging in it which keeps her very occupied! It stays dry and odour-free and lasts absolutely ages!

Rachel (01/04/11) Back to Hemp Bedding

Excellent product!

I use this for my hedgehogs, it is absorbent, comfortable and they love it! If left to roam in the room, they always end up making a nest for themselves in the big bag of bedding. :)

Leslie (11/03/11) Back to Hemp Bedding

This stuff is fantastic!

I use this for my Lionhead Lop doe and her 6 babies. Because they have longer fur, shavings used to stick to them, and because it was so light they kicked it all over the place. This hemp is great because it doesn't stick to them, is more resistant to being trampled about, and is super absorbent. However, I used it for my guinea pigs and one got sore feet because the chips are quite hard, and they have bald feet (unlike bunnies) so I mix it with shavings for them now and its still really effective at absorbing.

Holly Wright (06/03/11) Back to Hemp Bedding

my hammies loved it

I've been using this for years and have never had any problems. It's not dusty like normal bedding. At first I used normal bedding but my hamster got sick. Since I started using hemp bedding they've been fine and they dig way more. really good for rodents with allergies

Samantha K. (21/02/11) Back to Hemp Bedding
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