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I bought this because it is supposed to be non drip but I had problems with it leaking water from the start. I think the problem is with the rubber seal inside the cap, which doesn't stay in place, and so lets water through. It's a shame as I liked the idea of using glass instead of plastic


I couldn't fault this water bottle if I tried I have posted it as a good make on several forums. The pluses it is secured to the cage with no movement what so ever when a thirsty animal comes along you can pour boiling water in it there for making it bacteria proof, also you can get rid of agile more easily less likely to freeze the carrot acts as a measurement reader in the distance alerting the owner that a refill is neserary no plastic over all an excellent buy

love it

bottle looks nice, small size is actually bigger than I thought it would be, doesn't drip compared to bottles I have purchased before the little carrot indicating the water level is cute too (14/04/14) Back to Living World Glass Water Bottle


I have 2 of these bottle for my 6 bucks. The craddle fits my cage with smaller bar spacing better than my cage with slightly wider spacing and holds the bottle more securely. The bottle and spout design means the bottle lays flat against the cage. The spout can be twisted round (rather stiff at first)so you can fit the bottle to the inside or the outside of the cage. The spouts rarely drip if only water is in the bottle and only really drips if I've not filled the bottle right to the top. If I've added suppliments to my boys water then the spout does drip a little more frequently but it's not as bad as plastic bottles. I'm hoping to purchase another of these bottles in the near future.

Excellent bottle, but not drip proof!

I bought this for two reasons, one because it's for gerbils and so it has no plastic making it very robust, and secondly on the promise of it being 'drip proof'. On the first account it's an excellent product. Strong, well made, and very easy to attach to any cage with the spring wire attachment. Unfortunately it's let down by the fact that it's not actually drip proof. If handled carefully it won't drip too much, but like nearly every bottle I've ever tried, it will drip, and given that this is one of the main selling points it looses a couple of stars. So if you can live with a few drips, this is an excellent bottle.

very pleased

These bottles are great for my guinea pigs, because of support and chain do not slide all over the bars, find baby piggies can manage these much better because of the long spout and I can fasten them inside the cages so the little ones can reach

Great quality, poor dispensing volume

I bought 2 bottles since you're supposed to keep a spare in case something happens to one. Thought I'd try 2 different ones, see how they compare. I bought this glass bottle, and the Ferplast Drinky Water Bottle. This bottle feels very high quality, being made out of glass, and the gripping capability of the hooked spring that sits in a groove near the bottle "top" (sealed base, opposite of dropper end) is excellent. However, the dropper end has a relatively small ball bearing and narrow tube, meaning the amount of water dispensed per "use" is less than you'd hope, which makes life difficult for my guinea pigs. Also, the dropper tube is very long which is disadvantageous for certain cages such as mine where the bottle must be attached at ground level. This is because the longer the dropper, the closer to the ground the ball bearing is, and the more your pet must twist its neck to drink from it. The Ferplast Drinky I ordered holds more water (600ml). The bottle is made out of cheap looking plastic, nowhere near as high quality as this glass one, BUT the dropper is short and stubby with a fat ball bearing, which is much, much better for my piggies! It comes with a wire-cage-only attachment (one of those plastic twist-lock slot attachments) so I used the spring hook attachment from this glass bottle with it instead; even without the groove on the bottle the spring's tightly holding the bottle into place. The Ferplast, although cheaper looking, dispenses far more water per "use", so I must recommend it over this one.

Excellent quality

We have the medium size for two degus and it's more than adequate. It's very well designed and solidly built, with two secure attachments for the cage. It can be a bit awkward to get the nozzle pointing in the right direction (the bottle isn't round), but I'm very impressed that it doesn't drip even when they're going full tilt on the wheel and the cage is shaking.

Very different

Great idea fits easily onto hutch, the fact that it is glass and dishwasher proof makes it ideal as you don't get the alge build up like with plastic bottles. The carrot indicator makes it easy to see when to refill, recommend.

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