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Cabin Loved by all

I bought this against hubby's wishes but so glad I did, as my four piggies love this, they are all over it, in and out of it. Lol great exercize for them all.

Large size house for guinea pigs

We ordered the larger of the sizes for our two guinea pigs boys. After reading the reviews before hand we knew that there would be a possibility that the upper door would be too small for them to pass through. This was ideal however as we planned to use it as a hayloft, we stuff hay into the little upper level and they sit on the floor outside of the door and snack away. The lower half is a lovely size and plenty roomy enough for our little pigs. They are happy hopping up onto the upper level and even the roof, and are very comfortable having little naps in the lower section and it has become a very fast favourite. Study enough, even the ramp although connected by little wooden pins once down the ramp is secure even if at first glance looked a little less so. Happy pigs and happy owners.

Small Or large?

For a syrian hamster, I did not know whether to go for the small house or the large, so I decided to go for both! The small house is tiny and I would only recommend it is used for ants or something tiny!! The large house is being used just now in my cambridge cage, hamster loves it, she sleeps in the bottom and her food is kept on the top level, it does take up a lot of room so I'm not sure how long I will keep it in the cage before changing things round. For the price, these houses are brilliant!

Lovely product

Got it for my 2 guinea pigs and they love it. They like to nibble on it too. Had to hammer in a small nail inside the big house when I got it, but that was no bother at all. I use top part of the house for treats and my guinea pigs manage to get in&out of top house easily just now. It is a great product and it looks lovely in our c&c cage. Great price too.


Perfect size for my rats -the larger one. They love it .Looks really good and amazing price from zooplus as always :)

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far too small

I bought two of the small house's, one for my mice and one for my dwarf hamster. The holes are too small for the hamster to get inside and the mice only just fit!

The large size is perfect for Syrian Hamsters

I have had the small size one in the past and it is tiny, I would only recommend that for mice. The large size is perfect for Syrians, rats, gerbils, degus, etc but on the small side for guinea pigs. My Syrian loves his, he uses the bottom for sleeping in and the top as a look out & play area. It comfortably fits with space to spare in an Alaska cage but is a bit tight height wise in a hamster heaven. I will definitely buy them again in the future


I purchased this house for my gerbils last year and at the time was well pleased with it as it was natural wood and sturdy. However I have since noticed that it has been stapled together and with my gerbils gnawing at it (as rodents tend to do), they have exposed the staples which have sharp ends on them. For this reason, I would just like to say that if you purchase it, check when cleaning your pets housing, that there are no exposed staples which could injure your animals. I also bought tunnels in the same range and they also had staples.

Lovely little house

I purchased this for my love bird who loves to demolish cage furniture in the spirit of good house keeping. The door was a little too small for her so I made it bigger. She absolutely loves gnawing it. Will be buying another once she finishes this one off!

Syrain wooden house

Great product my hammy loves running in and out of it and climbing ontop !!

Buy Guinea size for a Syrian

My Syrian hamster is a big girl so I bought the larger size fpr her after reading the reviews, good decision, she loves it! She's very adventurous so the ample space and height are good for her to explore. She has put all her bedding underneath the ramp giving her pretty much the full house as a play space and climbing frame. It is big though, I have the Hamster Heaven and I've had to take out a shelf to fit it in but I think the house is more exciting.

very good value guinea pig hide

well made. young guinea pigs hide in bottom or climb on top. good bed with small fleece blanket in the bottom. might be too small for large guinea pigs.

Guinea pig Two Storey House

Lovely looking item & good quality. Easy to put together. Only down side is that it seems to be a little on the small side for guinea pigs - ours are too big to fit inside the top floor flat so they both use the one downstairs! We have taken the front off of the top part to make an upper feeding platform instead.They love it just the same.

Best degu house!

Massive house- I filled the top with bedding and the bottom with wood shavings for digging in, but of course they had their own ideas. Once they ate through the window to create an exit hole they were very happy with it and now spend a lot of time running in and out, jumping on and off the roof and eating it. Excellent value for money.

Guinea Pig size for my Degu's

I bought the guinea pig size house for my degus and they LOVE it! they are always playing hide and seek in it or munching it! Best house ive bought!! xx

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