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Lovely Product

Cats very interested but took a little bit of time for them to start playing on it. Now they are very funny when one sits at the top and the other at the bottom 'batting'each other. Excellent and beautifully made item.


I bought this for my 6 month old kitten a few months ago. He doesn't go inside it and the scratch pads on the sides is coming off. He sleeps on the top but apart from that he doesn't use it. Not very good quality.

fantastic well made product

i got this for my new kitten, Minnie. She has played on it, in it and with it since the minute it arrived! The top level is great for a viewing area plus she can curl up and sleep cosy up against the little backing area. She likes to hide and play in and out the 2 hidey sections and throws herself against the the scratching strips on either side to play with the balls on the elastic. The item has been the best £22 i have spent in a long time! It is sturdy, well made and strong so will last a very long time.

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