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Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrel

Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrel

A large scratch barrel where your cat can sharpen its claws, hide away or catch 40 winks. The top platform has a cuddly soft plush-covered cushion. Dimensions: H 100cm x diameter 45cm

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Scratching barrel aka Kitten Towers

Our two 8 month old cats love their scratching barrel. More for sleeping in/on than scratching but they now spend most evenings up their watching what we're up to. V. stable and less obtrusive than some cat trees. Only down is that the dangling fluffy balls in the windows haven't lasted long. One was pulled off completely the other had the furry cover pulled off exposing a bell hanging on elastic so cut it off as could have been swallowing. Third (bottom window) is still attached for now!


A good quality item and very steardy. Larger than I expected; bed at the top fits my large cat perfectly. Soft plush material inside cubby holes. Strong weave externally. Good value for money.

Great fun

I ordered this for my 2 maincoons they loved it from the moment we opened it, they love to sleeping on it trouble is only one can get on it at a time so the have to take it in turns. Great price and great product.

An essential purchase

This is great, especially for multi cat households as there are 4 levels including the bed at the top. I only received this today & all are scratching it, jumping up it, playing with the toys. Don't think twice about treating your cats to this, they will love you!

Five star

Excellent product, the only let down for me is that I can only get the Snugglesafe heatpad on the top bed and not also in the three inner sections but other than that this is an excellent product at a very good price.

Great entertainment for all!

As soon as this was out the box, boz was in it and wouldn't leave it alone. He loves the 'tunnel' and is always playing with the toys. He has hip dysplacia and finds climbing difficult, so I expected him to just stick with the bottom hole... WRONG, his favourite spot is on the top, leaning down playing with the chicken and annoying Henry. It took a few treats and a bit of catnip to persuade Henry, but he now also won't leave it alone. His favourite pew is in the hole closest to the top, where he can keep a relatively close eye on the more playful boz :) Best purchase I've made in ages and I think it'll last a lot longer than the other posts I've bought. Very sturdy, attractive design, encourages play, big enough holes for large cats and the best bit of all... It's great entertainment for whoever's watching the cats play!

Very Sturdy

We moved house and her old cat tree had to go in a different corner of the room - our puss took umbridge to this and would not use her old tree After a lot of of research and measuring i bought this one - note it does not come packaged in sections - it comes as-is fully built. It is super sturdy and won't fall over even though its freestanding. holes are good but our cat isn't bothered over them- i hide treats in there instead. Plenty of scratching area to go at and good for them to to stretch

good big drum for cat scratching

if you can't afford the natural paradise one this is also a great product. would be great for kittens because of the hole between two of the beds so they can bat each other and move through one bed to the other. top bed is comfy and like my NP one they like sleeping on the top

Genius Scratch Post

This scratching barrel is just great. My cats took to it very quickly and the 4 of them almost fight over who gets to go first. The top spot is almost always taken by one of them...The barrel is very stable and doesn't wobble around when the cats climb on top of it. I could tell it was worth buying within 5 minutes!

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Very stable and for all ages :-)

Really stable and suited to even the smallest of cats. Our 7 week old managed to scale it without problems. The 3 toys are perfect to animate your cat and tempt it to climb and claw and clamour. The fur bit is nice and soft.

Scratching barrel

I bought this barrel on the 15th of July and I'm very happy with it. Cats large and small have quickly taken to it, climbing, clawing, playing, and snoozing away. Very sturdy too. *****Stars from me :-)

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Doesn't get any better

Really fast delivery. Both of my cats love the scratching barrel, can't beat that.

A big hit!

My 2 x 14 week old Maine Coons loved it on sight. If they aren't shinning up it, chasing each other in and out of the caves, or bashing the dangly toys, they are snoozing on the top. It's very heavy duty indeed and I can see it lasting for ages. Not cheap, and I thought hard about purchase, but the multi usage and the fact it is so hardwaring make it an excellent purchase in my opinion.

He Gave it the Paws Up!!!

Having torn and scratched his previous cat tree to a state of total devastation, Elliott Michael took to this scratching barrel immediately. Strong, secure, and made of substantial materials, he wasn't going to ruin this so easily. This is about the best solution to his needs I could ever imagine. He was through it, on top of it, and fast asleep on it all within the first 30 minutes of its arrival. It looks great, it's safe, and I'd certainly recommend!

Lasts for years

I bought one of these about 10 years ago and it is still going strong. Had to put a platform on the top though as my tomcat is too big to fit in the top. They all love sitting on the top looking out of the window. Best buy for cats.

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