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Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrel

Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrel

A large scratch barrel where your cat can sharpen its claws, hide away or catch 40 winks. The top platform has a cuddly soft plush-covered cushion. Dimensions: 100cm (H), diameter 45cm

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Genius Scratch Post

This scratching barrel is just great. My cats took to it very quickly and the 4 of them almost fight over who gets to go first. The top spot is almost always taken by one of them...The barrel is very stable and doesn't wobble around when the cats climb on top of it. I could tell it was worth buying within 5 minutes!

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Very stable and for all ages :-)

Really stable and suited to even the smallest of cats. Our 7 week old managed to scale it without problems. The 3 toys are perfect to animate your cat and tempt it to climb and claw and clamour. The fur bit is nice and soft.

Scratching barrel

I bought this barrel on the 15th of July and I'm very happy with it. Cats large and small have quickly taken to it, climbing, clawing, playing, and snoozing away. Very sturdy too. *****Stars from me :-)

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Doesn't get any better

Really fast delivery. Both of my cats love the scratching barrel, can't beat that.

A big hit!

My 2 x 14 week old Maine Coons loved it on sight. If they aren't shinning up it, chasing each other in and out of the caves, or bashing the dangly toys, they are snoozing on the top. It's very heavy duty indeed and I can see it lasting for ages. Not cheap, and I thought hard about purchase, but the multi usage and the fact it is so hardwaring make it an excellent purchase in my opinion.

He Gave it the Paws Up!!!

Having torn and scratched his previous cat tree to a state of total devastation, Elliott Michael took to this scratching barrel immediately. Strong, secure, and made of substantial materials, he wasn't going to ruin this so easily. This is about the best solution to his needs I could ever imagine. He was through it, on top of it, and fast asleep on it all within the first 30 minutes of its arrival. It looks great, it's safe, and I'd certainly recommend!

Lasts for years

I bought one of these about 10 years ago and it is still going strong. Had to put a platform on the top though as my tomcat is too big to fit in the top. They all love sitting on the top looking out of the window. Best buy for cats.

Soooooo happy with this product!

I love, love, LOVE this scratching post. I've spent a lot of time (and money) trying to find a post big enough, tall enough and stable enough to accommodate my two big cats (6 year old Hobbes who's 5.5kg and 10 month old Bear who's 4.5kg) Until the barrel came into our house, Hobbes had reverted back to scratching the carpet as he had outgrown my Ancol "Fat Boy" post (still very much in use by Bear and also a great product). Now he can literally hang from the barrel, with all four paws clinging on, without it tipping over. He loves sleeping on the top bed. The barrel is very well made, with comfortable platforms to lie on and a cosy but spacious "cave" to hide in. The toys in all 3 openings are enticing and, as of yet, have withstood the vigorous attention from Bear. The scratching surface, which goes all the way up and around the barrel, is durable and good quality. It's easy to rub cat nip into it to encourage interest when it first arrives. I can't say anything negative about the barrel, I wish I had more space as I'd love to get another, especially as it's great value for money!

My Maine Coons Love This

Very pleased with our scratching barrel - and yes, it is huge! My 4 ex-large Maine Coons all pile on and into it - it's one of their favourite places to be. Only criticism is that the plush bedding/lining is not removable for washing. Nevertheless, will definitely consider buying another when the time comes.


I have 4 large cats and they all love this barrel very good play value for them too

Super product!

My two cats absolutely love these! They loved them so much that I bought two- one for each cat. They love sleeping in the top and playing with the toys hung from the 'portholes'. I heartily recommend these. :)

Excellent purchase for my lot

I currently have two cats, a moggy and a Maine Coon kitten with another MC on the way. What can I say?? This is the best purchase I have made for them. In the past none of my cats have ever bothered with cat trees but they LOVE this barrel. Together with the Natural VI tree the cats are never off these. They fight for top spot. Sooo glad with my buys :)

Get this cat scratcher/tree you won't be disappointed

If you're hovering about getting this then let me say that you need to stop hovering and get it. It's one of the best cat trees/scratchers you could invest in regardless of how massive or tiny your bundle of fur is. That aside it lasts well despite suffering the exuberant attentions of my two Norwegian Forest Cats over the past two years. For some reason (apart from the toys) it looks as good as new despite use all day round. I've gotten a second one for upstairs as well. Best sites to place it are near windows or key kitty observation points.

Great scratch barrel and hidey hole

My 2 ragdoll kittens love to play hide n seek in the barrel and snooze on the top deck. Really pleased with this, it's good quality and they use it for scratching and climbing, as well as playing and for somewhere to sleep. Would recommend, good for larger vat breeds too.

Best scratch post ever!

I have two norweigian forest cats which are a very large breed, as soon as I pulled this out of the box they knew it was for them, they got straight inside and have really attached to it since. I have a male and a female and the female likes to sit on the top which is about a meter high to be safe from the boy cat (he's bit of a bully). This is by far the best pet product I have ever seen and its value for money is out of this world as I had a much smaller scratch post for £40, but They love to sleep inside and play with each other. Brilliant Fabulous Fantastic

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