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Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrel

Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrel

A large scratch barrel where your cat can sharpen its claws, hide away or catch 40 winks. The top platform has a cuddly soft plush-covered cushion. Dimensions: 100cm (H), diameter 45cm

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Superb product and great value

This is a solid and well constructed barrel - and our 5 month old BSH loves it , using it to scratch as well as to hide and sleep in the compartments. She also loves the top and the cozy bed. I thought the bed at the top might detatch for cleaning and access to compartment below but it doesnt. However at sub £50 it's a superb product that we wouldn't be without😊

A definate 5 star winner

No sooner it was out of it's very sturdy packing box my 5 Australian Mists were up it, on it and in it as it didn't need assembling.

A great multi-use item

Wow, pussy-cat heaven. A place to hide, explore, play, rest and to scratch with my claws to my heart's content. I can perch on the top where there is a comfy sitting area from which I can view the world from on high. Every kitty deserves one of these! And mum says it's great that it doesn't take up too much room and what a great price this was from Zooplus!

excellent tower

My cat loves this tower as the top part is so soft for her to sleep and the edging is soft too so she can rest her chin in comfort. It is a perfect height for looking out of a window while she is resting in comfort. Looks tidy in the house too with its rounded shape. The extra large size is ideal for larger or longer cats. I would definitely only buy this product if I needed another one for somewhere else in the house. Well made too.

Great for big cats

We have ten cats, mostly rescued as I help out with fostering! The cats never move out! They all love this, places to snooze, scratch and hide. Previously had the smaller version, this is much better for adult cats as it's taller and wider, might need to buy another.

Great Quality Product that my Kitten Loves!

My kitten absolutely loves this scratching barrel and seems to zoom in and out of all the compartments at 100 miles an hour swatting at the toys that dangle down. He loves to climb to the top and then get comfy on the nice plush bed and look out the window or have a snooze. Brilliant product.

fantastic and great value

my two cats love it ive had mine for almost two years well used but still looks new, they both sleep in it day and night and love jumping in and out of it and sunbathing by the window in the top bed, so impressed that im thinking of buying another for the bedroom

Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrell

This is an excellent product. I have Ragdoll cats and they love it. I bought one 2 months ago and bought another one today. My cats are large and can fully explore all the openings and the top is large enough for two at a squeeze. It seems very durable given the scratching use every day. Would recommend this product to all.

Excellent scratcher!

my 6 furbabies love it, my english blue Blue is a very large cat and this is the only scratcher i have found that he can fit in! he along with Inka, Callie, Merlin, Loki and Athena all chase each other in n out n all around this excellent product. they love it! i couldnt imagine being without it! 5 stars..a must have for all cats!!!

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strong and sturdy

I've bought the big one first, and my cats were so impressed I bought a further 2 smaller ones, my cats love it, they sleep in it play in it and its so strong I know it will last a long time, these are better then any cat tree I have ever bought, if I could buy another smaller one I would but sadly this item is now sold out.

Cat post

I bought the smaller one so could not leave a review as it has sold out. But it was that brilliant that i have also bought this one and waiting for it to arrive. I dont know whos more excited the cats or me . Its strong, Sturdy and alot tidier than other posts . I have 15 cats and i also foster and find my posts dont last very long. I may even buy a third one

She loves it

I bought this for my rescue cat and she loves it. If she is not out or playing with toys then she is asleep on the top. She walks across me on the sofa and climbs straight on. I used to get cuddles before I bought this so beware!

Brilliant for the biggest of cats

I have had this barrel for over a year now and it still looks good. I have two indoor large Bengal cats who adore their toy. Very sturdy, doesn't fall over and fits just right in a corner. Yes it is big but I feel really good value for money. Well made and probably the best scratch item I have ever purchased.

Fantastic scratching barrel

All of my 4 cats love this barrel. My Bengal cross kittens fight on it shooting up, down the barrel and in & out of the holes. My 2 older cats also like to use it as a scratching post and they are notoriously fussy. My 11 year old Russian blue even likes to hide in it. It's a good size so bigger cats can still fit in. The cushion on top is lovely and soft so the kittens like to sleep up there, they also like the dangly toys but one of them was chewed off pretty quickly (the other 2 are still attached though, which is good for them as they are chewers). It also looks very nice like a piece of furniture so could go in any room. I'm very pleased with this purchase and my cats would give it the paws up.


My Bengal Oscar loves this. It's really sturdy and there are plenty of places for him to hide inside and there's a mouse dangling inside. I was originally going to get the black one but read too many reviews that it smelled funny so I went with the natural cream colour. He climbs on it, sleeps on it and scratches on it. It's a big hit with Oscar. I highly recommend it.

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