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Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrel

Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrel

A large scratch barrel where your cat can sharpen its claws, hide away or catch 40 winks. The top platform has a cuddly soft plush-covered cushion. Dimensions: 100cm (H), diameter 45cm

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Perfect for big cats

I have two very large cats, and was looking for something stable and tall enough to withstand their weight. This barrel is perfect for what I needed - I've had it a few weeks now and both cats use it daily. It looks smart and is very good quality, and like another reviewer said bits don't collect on the floor. I my opinion it's much more practical than some of the flimsy looking trees you can buy. 5 stars!

Cats love it

Bought this to add to other 'catification' efforts in my living room. They love it, the middle and bottom holes provide a fun way for the cats to get behind the sofa and more often than not there's one if not two of them sleeping on the top.

My cats love it.

I have 3 boys and they all try to fit in the top section together! The shyest of the 3 also loves the middle hole. great buy :-)

Great scratcher

Got this a few months ago and the cats love it..we are a multicat household with 5 cats..lthis barrel has lots of space and is very stable and durable..2 maine coons can squeeze into the top hideyhole and snuggle! So impressed I've come onto the site to buy another..even happier to find the reduced price offer!

scratching post

got this 2 mths ago and its the best ive ever bought quite expensive tho,but when you add up all the others that you buy its well worth it ,my cat luvs it ,exellent,

Cat on a pedestal!

Cali loves her new scratch barrel, hideaway and look-out snooze pad. She no longer shreds my leather furniture. Very pleased with the size and sturdy weight of the barrel, it should last for years. I've seen a similar item selling at double the price, thanks Zooplus!

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Brilliant product

I don't usually review products but this is well worth a review. As an ex-breeder I only have one cat now and have been looking for something for weeks so that my cat can escape from the dog and this totally fits the bill. Such a simple concept but it really works. It's neat the cat loves it and have only had it for one day and she's found her own bedroom away from the dog! It's sturdy too but looks good. Delivery was really quick. I've only had it for one day so cant comment on durability but so far would highly recommend.

My kitten loves it!

I thought it would take my new kitten a while to get the hang of the connecting holes,but after the first explore he loved it. Now 2 weeks on, he hides his toys on the second level then pretends to hunt them by going in through the bottom. Once he has tired himself out he hauls himself up on to the top bed and yawns at the dog and his people before having a well earned rest.

Bengals love this

My 2 bengal kittens just love this, although when they both climbed up on the same side the barrel did fall over knocking over one of our speakers!

Brilliant, a must for any multiple cat households!

I have two big Bengals who adore this barrel. It is well made and well worth the money. Even with both heavy cats climbing the side it doesn't tip or wobble. It is big but looks great in a corner. Love it so wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others rather than a tree!

Fantastic cat base!

I took a risk buying this as I had no idea whether our kitten would like it -- she does! She sleeps, chills out, hides and plays in it as well as scratching on it. The mouse didn't survive for long, but she had fun with it while it lasted...


3 years ago i bought the smaller version of this barrel for my 3 sphynx, we have had 5 litters since then and I can say it has served them well, so much so that I have just bought the xxl size we are breeders of sphynx and as indoor cats/kittens they need to have plenty to keep them happy this barrel is tall and allows the biggest of my sphynx to streatch out fully to claw, with 3 holes/dens to explore a hanging toy and nice plush bed at the very top this makes a great all in one scratch post/bed look out, really sterday built to last being cream/beige it will fit in all decors, I highly recommend this product to all cat owners!!!!

Well worth the money.

My cats love it. Very sturdy with both of them hanging from it or playing. As said in other reviews, mouse was destroyed within 24hrs. All good so will be purchasing another soon.

Fantastic buy

I bought this for my two siamese cats Max and Kai. They love it. The day it arrived they were climbing into the holes before I had even removed all of the packaging. It is a good height and they love sitting and lying on the top level. Sometimes one will be on the top with the other in the upper entrance hole playing hide and seek with each other. It keeps them occupied whilst I'm out at work. Would recommend this product.

My three cats love their new scratching "barrel"

I was taken by this product because it looks good as a piece of furniture as well as being a scratching post. My cats were a little bemused by it to start with but they soon got the hang of it. The dangly mouse was destroyed within 24 hours, but the compartments make comfy hidey holes and the bed on the top has now been claimed. The height of it means even the biggest of my 3 cats can stretch as high as he likes and still gets a good scratch workout. The barrel is substantial and very stable, very well made, but easy for me to move about to clean around etc. Unlike sisal posts, this one doesn't shed bits. I'm glad I bought it.

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