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Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrel

Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrel

A large scratch barrel where your cat can sharpen its claws, hide away or catch 40 winks. The top platform has a cuddly soft plush-covered cushion. Dimensions: 100cm (H), diameter 45cm

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what a monster!

this scratching barrel has earned the nickname "the monster" in this house, and it truly is! make sure you get the tape measure out before you buy this item, it lives up to its XXL description. i bought this mostly for its height of scratch area, and my cat who likes vertical scratching is in seventh heaven with this, she can stretch right up to her full height. the large plush platform is my other cats evening roost, he can survey all that goes on in perfect comfort. he is a big cat and there is more than enough room for him. neither of my cats climb the monster or make much use of the hideaways but i am confident that it would be stable enough for the most energetic kitty to do both without it tipping over. i love this product and love the price that zooplus was able to offer it at. well done, cant recommend highly enough.


My cats love this barrel ,gives a lot fun for them and our family .They like to play seek and hide ,up and down and also they adore scratch it ,ofcorse sleeping on the top they like the most.

Pleased ??

yes.. very pleased with this smart item... xmas pressie for my 2 cats, one has already proven hard to get out of the lower den as he saw me examining the item wen it arrived.. I like the non fussy, space saving, design; the colours and the multiple-use ...scratchpad, climber, 3 inner dens-cat can climb inside between lowest and middle den-3 toys attached(for a time anyhow lol) and a padded/plush top 'reclining' space which is tall enough to enable cats to gaze out of window. Happy with my choice. Thanx Zooplus for offering this deal...and providing excellent service.

Fantastic purchase

Speedy delivery & has only been out of the box for 10mins before one of my cats started to investigate. Love that it is ready to go - its tall, spacious & sturdy. Both my cats are on the large size - and they fit nicely into the hidey holes. Considering another one already for the bedroom


Bought this scratching barrel for my 2 pussy cats and they love it, especially our timid cat Fudge. She feels safe sleeping on the top padded bed so much she has just tried to push our other cat Raison off who is fast asleep on it. The barrel is very sturdy and the scratching rope around the barrel is very good quality. Going to order another barrel as we have to carry the barrel up and down the stairs every day so the pussy cats can us it during the day and night.

They love it

Received this yesterday and when my cats let me get it out of the box they where all over it, sadly the toys only lasted half an hour but still with one in the middle and one upside down in the bottom they love it

best stand iv brought. great size for big cats

Ever since it came my cat has been sleeping on it day in day out. I'd recommend any owner to get one.

Fantastic purchase

Arrived within 2 days of ordering and exactly as described. Absolutely no smell as experienced by a couple of other customers. Height is perfect for cat to lie on top and look out of window. Sits neatly in corner of room behind settee - well worth the £45 paid.


I bought this after reading the reviews and all I can say is, it's brilliant. My two Ragdolls love it. It's sturdy and safe, even with them hanging on to the side, trying to 'kill' the attached toys. If you're after a decent, quality and steady post, then look no further.

Five Stars from a Fussy Moggy!

I brought two of the Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrels, and my little moggy Wallace loves them both! I must admit to not reading the description in its entirety so the little hanging toys in each of the caves came as a pleasant surprise. It's a very sturdy product, not a single wobble no matter how ferociously Wallace flings himself at it! Even better than Wallace loving it, it came ready assembled and all I had to do was drag it up the stairs! I really cannot recommend this product enough for anyone who wants a stable, decent sized bit of cat furniture.

My Cats love this

I bought this a few months back when I got my new Savannah Kitten, she loved it from the start. It looks great in the lounge and doesn't 'shed' any bits as most cat trees seem to do. Recommend it highly

fab barrel

Bought this for my 3 birmans, cats all over it before it was out of the box. Really good value item, its tall enough for them to stretch & scratch, has a really cosy cushioned perch at the top and my very young birman loves the hidey holes to play in. Would recommend this as it is three items in one and it looks nice too.

Superb product and great value

This is a solid and well constructed barrel - and our 5 month old BSH loves it , using it to scratch as well as to hide and sleep in the compartments. She also loves the top and the cozy bed. I thought the bed at the top might detatch for cleaning and access to compartment below but it doesnt. However at sub £50 it's a superb product that we wouldn't be without😊

A definate 5 star winner

No sooner it was out of it's very sturdy packing box my 5 Australian Mists were up it, on it and in it as it didn't need assembling.

A great multi-use item

Wow, pussy-cat heaven. A place to hide, explore, play, rest and to scratch with my claws to my heart's content. I can perch on the top where there is a comfy sitting area from which I can view the world from on high. Every kitty deserves one of these! And mum says it's great that it doesn't take up too much room and what a great price this was from Zooplus!

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