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Olga Cat Scratching Post

Olga Cat Scratching Post

Solid scratching post in the perfect height for cats. Total height: 80 cm.

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Excellent Product

I bought the post a year ago and I'm just about to buy another. It's a great sturdy design, and has never wobbled even when my larger cat stretches on it, and allows him to stretch to full height and still have space to go. My smaller cats enjoy sitting on the top of it, and climbing up. The base is very soft. The one tiny issue is my cats tend to scratch in the same place, so the rope has broken. It would be great if you could turn the post the other way once that happens - but I guess that would mean less repeat sales! It still took a year of scratching in exactly the same place though. Highly recommended product with an excellent price, and will be back again I'm sure!

Great for stretching, bit wobbly though

My cats both love this post - it is tall enough for them to stretch up it full-length (though they are not particularly big cats. Might be too short for a taller one) They also like to run up it & perch on the top like a demented bird. But however much I tighten the nut on the bottom, the pole does wobble quite a bit on the base. I've tried adding a couple of metal washers between the pole & the base but that doesn't help - I will buy a couple of thicker rubber ones & see what that does. (The cats don't mind the wobble but I'm concerned it might snap suddenly sometime & fling them against the wall)

Good for little cats too.

My cat loves this. She's not a big cat but she used to always pull standard sized posts over. This one stays upright and she can get a good stretch all the way to the top. One happy cat.

Great morning stretch and scratch!

My two girls love this sturdy post - when they wake up they always go for a stretch and a scratch. Some days one sits on the top, the other climbs up and they start play fighting. Best of all, they have lost interest in scratching my chairs!


I would have given this *****, had it not been for the fact that the base of the post just broke into many pieces and cannot be repaired! My cat uses it to scratch and stretch - and loves it - but he has never climbed up it or hung from it. It really needs to be made stronger! Manufactures please take note!

Just Great

My large (tall) cats love this scratching post as it is a more appropriate height for their size. It is a lovely neutral colour and blends in well with the decor.

Best scratching post!

I have re-ordered this item several times. In my opinion, its definitely the best! Its the perfect height for cats to fully stretch whilst scratching and good for the occasional climb, but not so tall that it sticks out like a sore thumb within your living environment. I noticed this product was not showing online a few days ago and I contacted a sales advisor who thought it may have been discontinued. I'm very pleased to see it back in stock - please Zooplus, do not discontinue this item!

Tall cat scratching post - Olga

I bought one a couple of years ago and its grreat for my big cat who frequently uses the post. its excellent!

Great post

Our cats have lots of cat trees including a Hicat ceiling to floor cat tree but they love this tall scratching post. The only downside is they use it so much we need to replace it from time to time because they wear it out but at this price we don't mind and it is perfect to place by the sofa as they scratch the post and not our sofa.

Good Size, Very Popular

You get exactly what you expect, and the plush on the base actually looks quite nice and not cheap like on some cat products. Our kittens love it.

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Lovely Scratch Post Nice Size

Great Scratch post much bigger than I expected a lot taller than my old one so plenty of room for the kittys to stretch up it! really nice neutral colour so would go in any room. Well made too great value product for the money most other posts were £20 plus this was much better made than I was expecting. Highly recommended.

Compliments Filou XXL Cat Tree

Izzi loves her Filou XXL Cat Tree but none of the posts were really tall enough for her to be able to stretch fully, wanted something upstairs, on the landing, that didn't take up too much floor space (unlike the Filou !). The Olga is purr-fect on both counts, & compliments the Filou if downstairs.
Love Zooplus but tend to order when items are discounted & is frustrating when prices are dropped further AFTER an order's received !

In agreement

I am on my 2nd one of these posts and I can only reiterate what everyone else has said, EXCEPT for the negative ones! It is so sturdy, tall and well made, the only reason I am thinking of buying a third, is because it is used so much that the rope is a little shredded and over time (long time) it looks a bit unsightly but that's just me :-) please don't stop making these posts. BTW. I have two BIG Persian boys.


I have just purchased one of these for my Bombay cat..and he is a very big & Heavy boy. He loves he can stretch ...and not topple it over far. It is very sturdy. A Brilliant scratch pole...I would recomend to anyone :))))

Tall scratching post

I would definitely recommend this post - it is a good length so that the cat can stretch up to scratch. This is much more natural - like scratching a tree. My kitten also loves to climb the post and perches on the top - also very natural behaviour and teaches her climbing skills! Because it doesn't have a platform on the top, she can get right onto the top and perch which is also good for her learning to balance. It is surprisingly sturdy and has not yet fallen over, even with my cat climbing up it. The post also looks nice and doesn't take up too much space. It arrived quickly, communication about the delivery was excellent and it was extremely well packaged. Very impressed.

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