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Applaws Chicken Cat Food

Applaws Chicken Cat Food

High quality premium dry food for adult cats, with 80% meat content, suitable for cats with allergies, cereal-free, contains less than 15% carbohydrates

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Excellent dry cat food

Tried every grain free cat food. The house was littered with samples but madame would have none of it. Applaws chicken is the only dry food she likes. She's been on it for months now and she's still happy. Her fur is soft and shiny and she has plenty of energy. I totally recommend this dry cat food. It's got high meat content, it's grain free and for the quality it's very good value for money.

Great food but one of my cats are allergic unfortunately!

Bought Applaws to replace Whiskers dry food as I read great reviews. And also wanted to reduce the smell of the cats poop since I have 2 cats now... Immediately both cats loved it! And best of all the cats don't poop as much and their poop doesn't smell! So it is very high quality! Unfortunately one of my cats regurgitates water and bits of food straight after drinking large quantities of water. When she finishes eating this she goes to drink a LOT. My other cat seems fine with it. I've tested this product for 5 months and my cats both put on about 600g of weight and look healthy. However after switching them back to Whiskers, my cat doesn't vomit any more. I really like this brand however unfortunately will need to look at a different one now because random vomiting outweighs the other benefits.


Our two cats love this food, they choose it over all other available cat food. It is high protein so it is good for them. Most importantly it gives them *cough* nice solid poop that doesn't smell too awful haha! It's expensive, but so worth it.

Best dry cat food!

My two tabbies have been on Applaws dry since they were kittens and they love it! It makes their coats lovely and silky. Wouldn't swap to anything else now!

Tolerated well by sugar cats

Wicket has diabetes and missed dry food terribly when we weaned him onto low-carb wet food after his diagnosis. I find Applaws chicken doesn't have a huge impact on his blood glucose numbers, when fed alongside wet. He absolutely adores it.

excellent food.

I had need giving my 4 cats pro plan which they loved but my partners 18month old was losing weight so he looked around and saw this. Thinking the 80% chicken sounded good he tried it, she loved it so to save pennies he bought a big bag to try all of them on. All 4 of mine instantly took to it. Dora has now gained weight and looks so much healthier. They all have lovely shiny smooth coats and don't bug me in the day for more. So small an amount does the job.. we took advantage of the buy big bag get small bag free and had the special 2 bags for £67 . Excellent food at a great price, Thank you x

Great food but they can't keep it down!

I have 4 cats, 3 tonkinese boys and 1 Siamese rescue female. The tonkie boys cope ok with this food if mixed with their old faithful smilla sensible but Chloe my Siamese chucks up the food 10 mins after eating. I think it's just too rich for her. The quality is great but unfortunately they all have diahorrea on it and Chloe can't keep it down so I'll be back to smilla sensible next month. I think if you start them on this quite young your cats will be fine.

Happy Cat

I acquired my cat because he was a stray living in my garden. He got his head and jaw bitten by a neighbour's dog so I was feeding him soft foods as he seemed to have difficulty biting. Then he got a bad injury on his back so he became (and remains) an indoor cat as it took 18 months for him to heal completely. He was always a shy cat and not in the least playful. I assumed it was because his injuries must have left scarring and he was old. So imagine my surprise when he became lively, friendly and playful over a year ago. It wasn't an overnight change but very fast. I have been puzzling about what changed him, but I suddenly realised that I had changed his food to Applaws just then. He really enjoys it, and is never picky. (He used to turn his nose up at the other food all the time.) He doesn't have any trouble chewing it though when he overeats and regurgitates some I see he swallows it whole which would explain that. But it is small so that is OK. Long may Applaws thrive and continue to make this food that has rejuvenated my poor cat. And no, I don't have any connection with the manufacturers or advertising companies!


Top quality food for your cat.

Good stuff...but not for my fussy Cat

I was so pleased when I first saw these on offer, 80% meat! I snapped a few bags up, but my Benji was just not interested..she is soooo fussy!! Now I stick to Royal Canin Sensible, Fit 32, and Exigent 33 Aromatic Attraction, to give her variety, and she loves them

All my cat will eat now!

This food is so good that my cat will now not eat anything else! She was only eating bozita wet food for a long time (the cans) and loved that. The vet advised me to give her some dry food as well as she was getting a build up of plaque. Dry food used to give her the runs, I think because of the cereal they add to it so I did my research and found applaws to be the best. She was having bozita wet and applaws dry for a while, then ordered the bozita tetra packs which she would only lick the jelly and leave the meat (very annoying) so gave her the bozita cans again but now won't eat either! She used to drink no water on wet only food but now drinks a lot so even though the dry food obviously has little water content cats will replace this as needed. The food also lasts a long time as they only need around 40g for the whole day so it is very cost affective as well. It is a complete food so has everything in it they need, my fluffy persian has a beautiful soft, shiney coat and lots of energy. Another bonus is as she is a house cat her poos are a lot less smelly!

Perfect food

My elderly cat (15 years) was having all sorts of problems weight gain dry coat and just generally fussy. She loves this food and she has lost a little weight her coat and eyes look better and this and the wet Applaws food is a joy to handle. It really does look good enough to eat.

Excellent food

I started feeding my cat Applaws food several years ago as she had put a bit of weight on and as an old bird (14) i was concerned about the associated health problems. She has a combination of Applaws dry and a variety of either Applaws wet food or similar organic wet food. She has lost weight slowly and maintained a healthy weight. Her coat is the silkiest coat ever (people comment!) And she bounds around like a 2 year old! The added bonus is that (so far)it is British.

Good quality food - but my cat doesn't like it

Excellent quality food, but the cat won't eat it! I've tried mixing Applaws with Hill's (her preferred brand) to try to move her over to it, but as soon as there's a whole bowl of Applaws on its own, she scratches at the mat and leaves most of it uneaten. She loves the Applaws pouches, so it is just the dry food that she doesn't like. Applaws dry food is very good quality and has no grains, which so many other dry cat food brands have in them. I first bought this food as I would like to switch my cat over to a diet with fewer carbs. I have had a similar issue with Orijen, which is also excellent quality, so I suspect she simply doesn't like the taste of all-protein dried food. Unfortunately she initially seemed to love Orijen so I bought a large bag, and now have a 10kg bag of a food the cat just won't eat! If your cat has been eating a dry food which contains more grains, my advice is to try out a couple of small sacks before you buy any of the big ones so that you don't waste your money if it then goes off the food, as mine did!

Great food

I used to feed my cat GoCat dry food he used to like it but then I found out that they use alot of fillers in them. I did my research and applaws is a great brand made with real chicken. Had to gradually introduce this brAnd with the GoCat but he nows eats this without a fuss...Feed your cat good quality food!!!!

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