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We had a magnet flap and unfortunately a cat burglar also wore a magnet and started coming in & helping himself to cat food. We had to lock the flap at night & our little darling (being a cat) had got into the habit of wanting to go out about 5 mins after we got into bed!! This meant getting up & hanging around for 10 mins or so until she came back in. Since fitting this we can leave the flap open all the time again - going to bed and staying there. The chip learning process worked first time and despite our cat being elderly she started using the flap straightaway with no problems. Really fast delivery through zooplus and was easy to fit over existing hole. Its also quieter than the magnet door.

works in my hand, but not when its installed in the door.

The sureflap works great near the door, but not att all when its installed in the door. And i have a wooden door with no metal nearby. The only thing i can think of is the metal in the concrete under my wooden floor.. isn't it strange that it's so sensitive? ? i bought it 2 days ago. :(

Good but why no cover?

This does the job well. But there's just one issue. When you lock it, there's no cover you can slide over the door like with some other cat flaps. How is the cat going to know... So you end up with a very confused and distressed puss pawing at a locked door wondering why they can't get out as normal.


Great price, easy to fit and reassured that no unwanted animals come through. Bonus of being set up with micro chip in my cat and not worrying about access through a collar which he tends to lose often. Would recommend.

good but expensive to fit

I was not sure such a complex thing could work so well but it does. My nervous cat finds it fine to use and no other cats get in. However it was quite difficult and expensive to fit to my brick wall. I needed to purchase 5 of the expensive tunnel extensions and also the mounting adaptor which is needed to screw the cat flap onto the wall. But worth it in the end.

Best buy ever

I used to have unwanted visitors breaking into my house through our old flap door. Now is peace of mind for me and my cats. Recommend it!

Deise De Abreu (01/08/14) Back to SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

Does what it says on the box. Brilliantly!!

Well-made and well-finished.. The instruction book is very thorough and easy to follow - in a bewildering number of languages. Registering your cat's microchip is a doddle. You can download a fitting template from the Sureflap website is straightforward and makes fitting the flap easy and accurate. Fitting my Sureflap into my uPVC back door took only 40 mins. The locking mechanism,whilst not entirely silent, is remarkably quiet and didn't upset either of my cats. With the aid of my youngest son, one of us inside and t'other outside, we 'posted' the cats in and out through the flap saw both cats happy to use their new door after no more than four training 'posts'. Would I recommend the Sureflap? YES. Would I buy the Sureflap again? YES. And the Zooplus price is exceptionally good value.

Sureflap cat flap

An excellent product, works reliably and keeps out other cats as well as dogs and foxes. If you have any problems, Sureflap will go out of their way to help solve them. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

David Pearson (24/07/14) Back to SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

Puurfect Sneaky Prevention

Sweet as he is, I was getting totally fed up of Sneaky from two doors down popping in and helping himself to my cats expensive food. My cat is now quite old and past the days where he would see other cats off no problem. Ordered, delivered and fitted within two days, brilliant that it requires no collar. Would definitely recommend this flap and wish we had got it ages ago. Totally worth the money for a much happier, relaxed cat

Katrina Kavanagh (22/06/14) Back to SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

microchip sure flap

we bought this and it has been a godsend but my only gripe is my young cat has learnt to pull it up towards her when on in only so enabling her to get out which is not ideal if she is out when we go to bed and I want her in for the night. Wish it had two catches like the more expensive one

Solution to our intruder cat problem!

I am so pleased and relieved to have found a solution to our intruder cat problems. In particular, the cat next door liked to come in and steal our cat's food and also our food! Our cat stood and watched with an anxious look on his face. My reduced bill for cat food (halved) is already paying for our new cat flap!

Problem solved

This is a wonderful improvement for us and our 2 cats. A catflap that prevents intruders without requiring the cat to wear and lose a collar. It works on the cat's existing microchip and only allows entry to chips it recognises. Very easy to 'teach' the flap the chips belonging to our cats, as easy to install as any normal catflap and works perfectly.

Cyndy Hodgson (08/06/14) Back to SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

Anxious cat, invaders day and night? Problem solved!

This product was recommended by friends to replace an old and battered magnetic flap. The dynamic in our neighbourhood recently changed with next door moving and my "mummies boy" cat has been a wreck without "Bob" from next door to back him up when we're not about. When it arrived my husband thought it looked a bit small and flimsy - this couldn't be further from the truth! It took the cat a couple of days (me sitting one side of it with a bag of dreamies; him the other, with a face like I'd just given him a tardis and no instructions) but he got the hang of it yesterday and is so much happier. Its taken a severe battering from "Pepsi" (the worst invader) and I now have a row of metaphorical cat suitcases by the back door and NO 5am invaders. Thank you so much SureFlap!

This is NOT a gimmick!!

My first impression of this cat flap was that it would be a total gimmick and never work, but I was very much proven wrong, it's fantastic! The item arrived promptly and was very easy to install (make sure you purchase the adaptor circles if you are placing in glass) and within minutes of putting into "learn mode" my kitty had stuck her nose out to investigate the door, and immediately she was registered and everything has gone smoothly since. I now have a very happy feline and no unwanted visitors spraying cat wee in my house while I'm away!! I also wanted to comment on SUREFLAPS amazing Customer Service! I had a small issue (my own fault) with the actual clear door so emailed an enquiry directly to them. Immediately I received a phone call and follow up email and a replacement part was sent out with no questions asked within 48hrs and the demonstration video on their website made swapping the part easy. Unless you have more than 32 cats (the item only registers this many!??!) then do not worry about paying the extra £30, it's well worth it!!!

Wish I'd got the larger one!

Great product but really wish I'd bought the larger one. All 3 of my cats struggle to get through the flap. Currently using with free entry and exit to give them a chance to get used to the tight squeeze. If your cat is over 6kg, I recommend you buy the larger one! Can't fault the delivery service, ordered on the Saturday before a bank holiday and here on the Tuesday. Excellent.

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