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The best cat flap

I've had this cat flap for 15 months now. I didn't rush to review it because previous purchases of another leading brand always ended in disappointment with circuit boards failing due to damp, collar batteries costing a fortune, etc. but this flap is different. It was easy to instal, easy to program and after 15 months is still functioning perfectly. It's the best looking flap and easy to maintain. I've got into a routine of wiping it over with a damp microfibres cloth once a month and I check the batteries each month but the original Duracell batteries are still going strong despite two cats going in and out. My cats don't have to wear any clunky gadgets round their necks and they've never had any trouble getting in or out. They were always getting locked out when previous cat flaps and/or collar gadgets failed. And the local Tom cat hates it. Despite his best efforts he's never got past it. The best cat flap I've owned by a mile!

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I have now had 2 of these cat flaps in 6 years. They in general worked fine but their failure was sudden and distrssing for the cats. In the case of the first catflap failed after 4 yrs because the small tounge stopped dropping far enough to let the door open and the cats in. Now the second catflap has suddenly started locking my cats out which is distressing for them. The symptoms appear to be the same failure as the first but I will not know until I get home at the weekend to see it. This second catflap has only been in use 2yrs. This cat flap seems to have a life span determined by the number of times it is activated and the more cats in the household the shorter the lifespan. Unfortunately it is the only product out there that works even for a while.


Love love love it and so does my cat ..Very Easy to set up for microchip, my cat got used to using his catflap within 24 hours I am delighted he can come and go as he pleases with no worries about other cats gaining entrance, I can close his access at any time if it's necessary to keep him indoors Easy to keep clean Thank you for a great product and excellent customer service

my cat loves it

bought this cat flap had to replace panel in upvc door it only took my cat a couple of hours to work it out and the enticement of chicken definitely helped with the learning process now I know my cat can come and go all day when I am at work and I don't feel so bad that I keep her in at night.

Perfect...even for a Timid Cat

Our rescue cat is very timid, & I was concerned that he may not adapt to using a cat flap, especially this one as it makes a slight noise when it is activated. He is also a large cat (5.3kg).To my surprise it didn't take him long to learn how to go outside through the flap, coming back in took longer as there is a drop onto the patio, but that was soon resolved by using a plank of wood as a cat ramp. He has no trouble getting through the flap, even at speed. To get it fitted in our upvc door, I simply rang a local upvc window/door manufacturer & they took our door panel away, & brought it back 3 hours later with the flap fitted (£45, well worth it). This cat flap is excellent, it may not be cheap, but for the peace of mind it provides in only allowing your own cat into the house, it's worth every penny.

First ever cat flap - would 100% recommend

For the past 18 months our cat has pretty much been a house cat Mon-Fri, eventually we decided she was ready to have her independence (!) so we did some research and bought the Sureflap. The flap does exactly what it says on the tin! The flap was easy to fit into our (new - eeek!) PVC door, my husband did it himself with household DIY tools, it feels susbtaintial and it looks really neat. I was worried that 'programming' the flap would be hard but that's also super simple and within a couple of weeks our cat was coming and going like she knew no different. We were worried at first as our cat was happy to go out but no so sure to come back in, but a few days later she got the hang of it. We found propping the door open to start with really helped. The Zooplus price is great and delivery, as always, was smooth. I would recommend this product to anyone and would deifnitely buy again. How did we live without it?!

Stops intruder cats !!!

Finally, after installing my sureflap catflap months ago, last night i kept hearing a lot of bangs coming from my kitchen. Every time i went to inspect, both my felines were just sitting by the back door looking innocent as the day they were born. Later on that evening, i came into my kitchen again to see a big ginger cats face pressed up against the clear door of the catflap just staring at me. Gave me the fright of my life !! However, the cat couldn't get in and my kitties were quite happy on the inside away from this huge cat ! The cats, their food and my house is safe from an unwelcome guest marking their territory all over our stuff thanks to sureflap !

No more escaping kittens!!

Brilliant cat flap I have installed ours so only our older cat can get out the house. We have 2 young kittens who aren't allowed out yet but have been letting themselves out through the old cat flap. Now I don't have to worry about the kittens escaping and once the kittens are older I will turn the cat flap around and use it the way it meant to be used.

Great apart from no cover

Really impressed with this cat flap. Works well and locks out other cats. The only problem is that there is no cover . So if we don't want our cat to go outside ie fireworks night or an imminent vet trip the cat flap has no cover so it leaves the cat confused as to why they cannot get outside and will keep trying the cat flap which may end up broken and with a distressed cat

Happy days

Fitted SureFlap yesterday. Was not as simple as anticipated because the door was thicker than we realised. The microchip recognition process was easy and our cat started using it quite quickly, even though she had never used a catflap before. We had the brown one and it looks good in the door. Will have to put something in front of it at night when it's locked, so that she knows the difference. Bit early yet but so far I would highly recomend.

No more strays!

This is excellent, as is Sureflaps customer service. The first one didn't work properly so Sureflaps replaced it and paid to have it re-fitted. Replacement works like a dream. Standard size just fits my female Maine Coon. Can't recommend this highly enough.

Fantastic product

Wish we had ordered one of these years ago! We have always had a problem with other cats coming into the house. This product was recommended by our vets when we got two new kittens and had them microchipped. It's simple to fit and totally efficient. We've had it about a six months and the battery warning light has just started to flash so it's lasted well. Would highly recommend.


We had a magnet flap and unfortunately a cat burglar also wore a magnet and started coming in & helping himself to cat food. We had to lock the flap at night & our little darling (being a cat) had got into the habit of wanting to go out about 5 mins after we got into bed!! This meant getting up & hanging around for 10 mins or so until she came back in. Since fitting this we can leave the flap open all the time again - going to bed and staying there. The chip learning process worked first time and despite our cat being elderly she started using the flap straightaway with no problems. Really fast delivery through zooplus and was easy to fit over existing hole. Its also quieter than the magnet door.

works in my hand, but not when its installed in the door.

The sureflap works great near the door, but not att all when its installed in the door. And i have a wooden door with no metal nearby. The only thing i can think of is the metal in the concrete under my wooden floor.. isn't it strange that it's so sensitive? ? i bought it 2 days ago. :(

Good but why no cover?

This does the job well. But there's just one issue. When you lock it, there's no cover you can slide over the door like with some other cat flaps. How is the cat going to know... So you end up with a very confused and distressed puss pawing at a locked door wondering why they can't get out as normal.

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