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Worth every penny!!

Having suffered a very frequent, unwanted visitor into my house over a few days, who sprayed all over the place, I was at my wits end, having had to replace, amongst other things, my kettle, which was ruined in a particularly full on spray attack, I was wary about spending so much on a new cat flap. I didn't like the other option of permanently locking my old one as my cats are used to be able to come and go as they please, and I didn't want to have a litter tray in the house. This cat flap was delivered (free) within 2 days of me placing my order. Setting it up was unbelievably easy, both cats were positioned as per the instructions and the cat flap immediately registered and stored their microchips. Apart from being a bit wary for the first few times they used it, my cats have adapted fine and I no longer have a smelly house! I would rate this 10 stars if I could!


After more than 25 years of our different cats using standard cat flaps with no unwelcome visitors (that I was aware of!) we have just started being pestered by a very brazen newcomer. After watching it wander into our hall while relaxing with our 2 Siamese I decided enough was enough. Went onto Zooplus website, spotted SureFlap read reviews, ordered, delivered and fitted within 3 days - great! Our cats took to it immediately and so far no hassle from unwanted visitors. Heartily recommended.

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Excellent - but !!!

I wish i'd bought this ages ago, its been a gods send, my cats find it easy to get in and out of, it gives me freedom and them, BUT the only problem is when it blows a gale and the cat(s)come in the flap stays open making it easy for ugly - a feral cat to come in and eat everything in sight and wee in my house, so i would of like the magnet to of been a bit more stronger. I am going to do what another customer has done and put tire weights on bottom of door. Other than that an excellent purchase.

Can't fault it

Had this for about a year now. Allows the cats easy access to the garden without letting any strange cats in with them! Only thing to note is that you cannot programme specific conditions for each cat. For example either they are all allowed in or all allowed out. This was never a problem until we got a new kitten who kept escaping with the adult cats. I think a more expensive model is available and may be worth it to prevent this issue.

Easy to fit and easy to set up

I was very worried at having to cut a hole in my door but it was relatively easy to do using the template on the Zooplus website. The microchips were easy to put in the flaps memory. Just waiting for the kittens to be brave enough to use it!

Astonishingly good!!

All my previous cats made use of a bog-standard Staywell cat-flap. I tried upgrading to magnetic locking devices, but to no avail. They've all been very intimidated by the VERY loud clunking as they went in and out. My last two, Russian Blues called Hammer and Sickle, hated it. Hammer simply couldn't understand the 4-way locks at all, so promptly wrecked the flap! The Russians died about 2 yrs ago, both aged 19. So, after a break of two years I've acquired two British Blues, brothers named Jago and Bacon!! Don't blame me, my grandsons named them. They're now 27 weeks old, neutered, chipped, and vaccinated. They've been very curious about the cat-flap, and so, last week, my son and I trained them how to use it by 'posting' the cats in and out of the house for about 20 mins. Whilst not silent, the light noise made by the locking mechanism doesn't worry them at all. The SureFlap responds quickly to their presence, and enables very quick entry and exit. The cat-flap seems very well made with no sharp edges to catch the cats. Even better, it's run on batteries. It would've been a pain for me to run a mains lead and transformer to the door, so I was delighted to find a battery-driven flap. Very easy to install, and large enough to accommodate a sure-to-be chunky cat!

Limpandtotheleft. (10/03/14) Back to SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

It's made all the difference...

Cat flap arrived promptly. Replaced old one with no probs. Have two cats who have used a flap for previous 2 years. One cat got the hang of it straight away; the second is much more nervous and it's taken a month of coaxing to finally get her through - she was scared of the 'click' noise that it makes as it opens. Food was the best bribery. Bit of a hassle to get her to use it but no Toms seem to have visited; so no nasty smells or food guzzled by visitors.

happy relaxed BIG cats - at last!

This product is both brilliant and inspired. Our two cats had for years been terrorised by regular attacks from the neighbours' vicious and cunning black tom, which woke us night after night with fights and food theft. Sureflap has instantly solved the problem and after only three weeks our cats are noticeably more happy and relaxed - they seem to sense that "their" house is now safe from feline intruders. Installation was - even for a DIY duffer like me - a doddle, requiring only a couple of millimetres enlargement of the cutout for our previous "Staywell" flap. Hint - an easy way to register your cat's chip pre-installation is to use the unit, door down and in recognition mode, as a feeding bowl and offer a couple of cat treats placed on the inner surface of the door. I was worried about the size of our cats (6kg and 6.5kg) in view of adverse reviews on this issue. All cats are however lithe creatures and both our monsters "swim" quite effortlessly through the device. Finally may I use this forum to congratulate the boss of Sureflap on the best ever antidote to domestic feline terrorism.

ruth and tony housden (25/01/14) Back to SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

Money Well Spent

This cat flap is the bees draught, no unwanted guests and unbelievably easy to fit. Buy with confidence.

Safe at last!!

What a fantastic product. Easy to set up and link the cats micro chip. Another cat was coming in our house and chasing our cats and eating their food...we even caught him in our bedroom at 3 o'clock in the morning! Our cats are now safe from the neighbourhood bully!! We wish we had bought this weeks ago. Our cats were staying away from the house for longer and longer each day and when they were home they wouldn't settle and were on edge all of the time. They are now home and so relaxed...what a difference. The cat flap is expensive but in our case was well worth the money.

Great flap, awesome customer service

These flaps work very well -- I have two, on different doors, which allow us to feed our cats separately, due to diet restrictions. The flaps are well-built and reliable, and have a long battery life. However, we have one particularly cunning neighbourhood cat who managed to defeat the security mechanism and break in. I emailed Sureflap, more to let them know than with any hopes they'd be able to assist. They were friendly and helpful, and extremely concerned about the problem. They sent me first a pair of prototypes of their new dual-locking flaps, and then two of the final product, at their own expense. I can recommend these flaps without hesitation, both for the product itself and for Sureflap's outstanding customer support.

Works very well

The flat works very well. My cats got very quickly used to it. The batteries last long too and the flap itself is very good quality. It keeps other cats out. Would by it again.

Almost perfect

I have had one of these for a year now. We had trouble with feral farm cats getting in and this device stopped them for a while. Our cats love to poke their heads in and make the electric switch click, this runs down the batteries in about 4 months. No big deal. The main problem is the the bottom of the door does not have enough mass to positvely close after each cat passes so, on a windy day it can remain just unlatched. That's enough for Ginger Tom from the farm to dive in and cause havoc. I solved this by putting some sticky backe lead tyre balancing weights on the bottom of the door. Now it closes every time, denying GT his spary fest.

Great investment

Originally I was going to buy one of those magnetic cat doors, but I am so glad I saw sureflap advertised. It is great not having to worry about my cat loosing her collar (with magnet attached) and being stuck outside until I get home...and she somehow does manage to loose it regularly! It is also great having a cat door that restricts which pet can come inside as with my old cat door, I was constantly having to chase my neighbours cats outside as it would sneak in to scoff down the cat food. The sureflap was easy install and it didn't take too much coaxing for my cat to get used to it (she is only six months old so had never used a cat door before). I quite like the clicking sound it makes when it reads the microchip as I can monitor when my cat is coming and going. For me, the sureflap cat door is definitely worth the money.


Worked wonderfully for about 3 months. On the second battery change it stopped recognizing my cats and needed to be reprogrammed. That's not supposed to happen. On the bright side, Sureflap is standing behind their product and sending another one for free.

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