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Cat's Best Öko Plus Trial Size - 5l

Cat's Best Öko Plus cat litter now available in a special 5 litre trial size! 100% compostable and biodegradable. ...further information
Cat's Best Öko Plus Trial Size - 5l 4 76
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Doesn't Smell!: "I have 2 Bengals who like a good poop once, usually twice a day (and for some reason only when I am around - they certainly tell me to sort their tray out that's for sure!) I've been using a Te*co clumping litter... great value that it is, there is still a little ickle bit of a smell. Not that I'm to bothered about that - cats are cats and well, they have to poop and wee like us all. So I tried the trial to check it out and mixed it up as a layer on top of my cheapo lumping litter and bosh... no smell.. smells of err.. well cat litter without the cat sample so to speak. Now this isn't the cheapest but with a lightish sprinkle on top of the cheaper super market stuff (it does ofc get mixed in with some boisterous cat scraping) and that fact I didn't need to change the whole lot for 10 days, I feel it's value. Oh there is a bit of travel ish.. hardly concerning and no different to the other stuff. Like with all cats, just vacuum the area - job done. So the outcome... yup I am going to buy a load more... but not use it exclusively but as a mix with my clay clumping supermarket brand ..."
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