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Wonderland Dinner Table

Wonderland Dinner Table

2 bowls, 200 ml each.
Size: 24 cm x 10 cm x 8.5 cm

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nice and smart but not good for stroppy buns

Brought this for my mini lop house bunny, after 7 days of having him I have a stroppy teenager, he started by throwing a dish of food out now he tips the whole thing over, looks smart but needs tying down for stroppy buns, great size for food

Looks Great

Looks great and easy to use and keep things neat. But when my bun throws a attention tantrum it doesn't hold up unfortunately but other than that really pleased.

Good - but not quite sturdy - bowl!

I bought this for my guinea pigs as one piggie was getting all the nosh and one hardly anything. It worked a treat to start with. My guinea pigs enjoyed eating side-by-side and I loved the natural look of it. Or in other words, it was adorable in their cage. By the first week, though, they'd tipped the bowl over and their vegetables were covered in Carefresh! What a disappointment! 3 stars for a satisfactory product!

Pretty decent bowl

This looks adorable in my piggies cage, and when they were little both used to love eating together side by side. Sadly as they got bigger and stronger I would frequently return to both pots being upturned, so I had to swap over to a heavy dish instead.

For my mini lop bunny

Well, this arrived yesterday and when I first put it in my rabbit's cage, he kept throwing it around. After moving a few things around however, my bunny seems to like it. He's definitely not tipping it over anymore and I like how I can put his pellets in one bowl and fresh fruit or vegetables in the other. My only complaint is that the bowls are quite small (smaller than I thought they would be) and the whole thing is very light. I think my bunny and I can live with that though. I would recommend it to bunny or guinea pig owners.

Meal time

Our two rabbits love eating their pellets using the table together.


Received this table today,its really great,my guinea pigs love,it i put their musiele in and their nuggets,they look so cute eating out of it,a great idea.


my guinea pig adores it we put here treats in one in the other we put her pellets and muesle n it

super for guinea pigs

My guinea pigs adore this item...looks super in their cage....I bought a 2nd for my daughter's giunea pig.....

great idea but not for my bunnies!

I have 2 mini-lops and because they tip their food, I thought this table was a very good idea. Unfortunately, because the bowls are plastic and, therefore, the whole thing is very light, my bunnies like to throw it around their cage! Maybe I just have naughty bunnies!

good for smaller rabbits

This is great for dwarf lops, lionheads, etc. However I have found the bowls a little small for my larger lop rabbit. It looks lovely in their hutch however and ideal to prevent them tipping up the bowls, as rabbits are prone to do :-)

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