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Rocco Junior 6 x 400g

Product description

Rocco Junior 6 x 400g 5 19
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Poultry with Chicken Hearts & Rice
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Turkey with Veal Hearts & Rice
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Poultry with Game & Rice
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Product description

A tasty wet food, specifically for puppies and growing dogs. This balanced, complete food is made with lots of meat, vitamins and calcium. It promotes healthy growth & development.
Rocco Junior 6 x 400g at a glance:
  • Species-appropriate complete wet food for puppies and young dogs of all breeds
  • 100% fresh ingredients
  • Min. 50% meat and offal content
  • Wholesome ingredients
  • No pork
  • Extra calcium and a balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio
  • High protein content
  • The beef variety is grain-free
  • Clear ingredient declaration
  • No chemical colour, aroma or taste enhancers
  • Made in Germany
Top quality Rocco Junior complete wet puppy food is formulated to meet the specific needs of puppies and young dogs during that all-important growth phase. Rocco Junior contains lots of vitamins and minerals that are essential for young dogs, plus calcium to support healthy teeth and bone development.

Rocco Junior wet dog food for puppies ensures a great start to a long and healthy life. This optimal wet puppy food contains additional calcium and has a balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio to help bones and teeth develop properly. It is rich in animal protein from top-quality meat which supports balanced growth. Vitamin D3 encourages calcium absorption which is important for healthy teeth and bones. This tasty wet dog food is enriched with biotin to encourage a healthy metabolism as well as optimal development of fur and skin. Rocco is guaranteed not to contain formed meat and is made using only top quality fresh meat as well as other wholesome, healthy ingredients. It is free from animal meal (e.g. bone meal), vegetable protein (e.g. soya) or other fillers. The gentle cooking process preserves the healthy nutrients in Rocco, as well as the tasty meat flavour and it is very well accepted.

Rocco Junior is available in four delicious varieties:
  • 24 x 800g Turkey with Veal Hearts & Rice
  • 24 x 800g Poultry with Beef (grain-free)
  • 24 x 800g Poultry with Chicken Hearts & Rice
  • 24 x 800g Poultry with Game & Rice
Only the best – right from the start! Rocco provides your young dog with a healthy meal.

Please note: Articles 74857.3, 74857.4 and 74857.5 are not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.


Turkey with Veal Hearts & Rice: 30% turkey (heart, meat, liver, gizzards, necks), 28.8% stock, 20% veal hearts, 15% poultry (meat, liver, gizzards, necks), 5% rice, 1% minerals, 0.2% salmon oil
Poultry with Beef: 40% beef (heart, meat, liver, lung, tripe), 30% poultry (heart, meat, liver, neck), 28.8% stock, 1% minerals, 0.2% salmon oil,
Poultry with Chicken Hearts & Rice: 45% poultry (meat, liver, gizzards, neck), 28.8% stock, 20% chicken hearts, 5% rice, 1% minerals, 0.2% salmon oil
Poultry with Game & Rice: 33% poultry (meat, liver, gizzards, neck), 33% game (heart, meat, liver, lung, tripe), 27.5% stock, 5% rice, 1% minerals, 0.3% calcium carbonate, 0.2% salmon oil

Additives per kg: 
Vitamin A (4000 IU), vitamin D3 (200 IU), vitamin E (30mg), vitamin C (40mg), biotin (300mcg)

Analytical constituents

protein 12.1 %
fat 7.3 %
fibre 0.5 %
ash 2.4 %
calcium 0.3 %
phosphorus 0.25 %
moisture 76.0 %
protein 11.8 %
fat 6.8 %
fibre 0.4 %
ash 2.5 %
calcium 0.3 %
phosphorus 0.25 %
moisture 75.0 %
protein 11.8 %
fat 7.3 %
fibre 0.4 %
ash 2.1 %
calcium 0.3 %
phosphorus 0.25 %
moisture 75.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

Rocco Junior is a complete wet dog food for puppies and young growing dogs.
Adult weight up to 3 months 4 - 6 months 7 - 18 months
Up to 5kg 290 - 320g 340 - 360g 300g - Adult
6 - 15kg 360 - 640g 440 - 750g 480g - Adult
16 - 30kg 650 - 900g 750 - 1300g 700g - Adult

Please note that these are guidelines only. Actual feeding amounts depend on your pet's age, breed, activity levels and other circumstances.
Monitor your pet's weight and adjust feeding amounts as required.
Fresh water should be provided at all times.



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