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Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine k/d Mobility + Kidney + Joint Care

Product description

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Product description

For dogs with osteoarthritis or renal insufficiency, a vet-recommended dietetic food can help to alleviate symptoms. This kibble can help increase joint mobility and support improved kidney function.

Vet Food Disclaimer

Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine k/d Mobility + Kidney + Joint Care Original has been designed especially for dogs with chronic or acute renal insufficiency. This complete dry kibble for adult dogs can also help to treat osteoarthritis and joint complaints, thanks to ingredients that are rich in EPA, omega-3, and vitamin E, plus a lower sodium and phosphorus content. The special recipe helps to support heart and kidney function and it also promotes good joint metabolism. Feeding this tasty dog food to your dog can help to ease the symptoms of kidney disease as well as helping your dog to be more mobile and active.

Although this appetizing dry kibble for dogs has a reduced protein content, the proteins used are of a very high quality, to help your dog to maintain lean, strong muscles. To help to build healthy cartilage and promote flexible joints, Hill’s have added glucosamine and chondroitin, which can help to increase your dog’s overall mobility. With this food, you should start to notice your dog becoming more agile and active over the course of the first 21 days of using this food. This high quality prescription dog food can be instrumental in helping to keep your dog’s kidneys and joints healthy.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine k/d Mobility + Kidney + Joint Care Original at a glance:

  • Dietetic complete dry dog food for adult dogs
  • Specially developed for dogs with chronic or acute renal insufficiency or dogs with osteoarthritis or joint problems
  • Supports kidney and heart function as well as joint metabolism: low in phosphorus and protein, rich in Omega-3, vitamin E & EPA
  • Quality proteins: with nutritious amino-acids to promote a lean, strong musculature
  • With chondroitin & glucosamine: support cartilage development and joint lubrication
  • Increased mobility in just 21 days: visible results that allow your dog to run, jump and climb
  • Balanced and nutritious: with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, beta carotene and natural antioxidants, for optimal body condition and immunity
  • Recommended by vets: regularly prescribed by vets as an effective, therapeutic diet

Read more about Hill’s brand philosophy and products here.
Hill’s Brand I Science Plan I Prescription Diet I Snacks


Grains, seeds, oils & fats, vegetable by-products, meat & meat by-products, eggs & egg by-products, vegetable protein extracts, minerals, molluscs & crustaceans.
Sources of protein: Dried whole egg, pea protein.

Additives (per kg):
Nutritional Additives /kg:
Vitamin A (45,540 IU) [E672], vitamin D3 (1,974 IU) [E671], iron (132mg) [E1], iodine (2.0mg) [E2], copper (16.8mg) [E4], manganese (5.8mg) [E5], zinc (112mg) [E6], selenium (0.3mg) [E8], with natural antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein 14.2 %
fat 19.2 %
fibre 2.3 %
ash 4.1 %
calcium 0.59 %
phosphorus 0.27 %
magnesium 0.09 %
potassium 0.62 %
sodium 0.17 %
omega-3 fats 3.51 %
DHA fatty acid 0.35 mg

Feeding guide

Feeding Guidelines:
Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine k/d+Mobility Kidney+Joint Care is a complete dry dog food.
Dog’s weight Feeding amount in g/day
2.5kg 45-65
5kg 80-110
10kg 135-185
20kg 225-310
30kg 305-420
40kg 380-520
50kg+ 10g per kg

Please note that these are guidelines only. Actual feeding amounts depend on your pet's age, breed, activity levels and other circumstances. Fresh water should be provided at all times.

If you are feeding this food to your dog for the first time, introduce it gradually, by mixing it with your dog’s usual food in increasing amounts over the course of 7 days.


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