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Greenwoods Meadow Dandelion Hay

Product description

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Product description

Gently dried meadow hay enriched with 10% dandelion is a natural, tasty food, with a high fibre content and ideal for gourmet small pets. Greenwoods - live naturally!
Greenwoods Meadow Hay is a tasty, natural food for rabbits and other small pets. The mix of dried grasses and herbs provide your pet with important raw fibre. The hay mix is enriched with dandelions, which provide important vitamins and minerals. Dandelion is an important source of beta-carotene and vitamin B, making Greenwoods Meadow Hay a delicious supplement to your pet's daily food.

The high fibre content will help to keep your pet's digestive system healthy. The hay and herbs are gently dried to preserve the vitamins great taste. And meadow hay is also an excellent way to encourage dental abrasion which keeps your pet's constantly growing teeth short.

Greenwoods Meadow Hay at a glance:
  • A tasty and natural supplement to your pet's daily diet
  • High fibre content for a healthy digestive system
  • Gently dried to preserve the vitamins and minerals and the great natural taste
  • Three different varieties so your pet will never get bored
  • The dandelion make it extra tasty and it is well accepted


Greenwoods - a delicious, natural addition to your pet's daily food. Live naturally!

Please note: Please store in a cool dry place, out of the sunlight. Greenwoods Meadow Hay is a natural, untreated product so it can look slightly different, depending on when it is harvested. Varying shades of green, yellow stalks or a paler colour are not signs of inferior quality. Good hay can be distinguished by smell and consistency. Quality hay will smell fresh and pleasant and will include very few, if any, hard, coarse plant components.

As hay is a natural product, consistency may vary with the season.



Meadow hay, 10 % dandelions


Analytical constituents

protein 10.7 %
fat 4.0 %
fibre 27.8 %
ash 7.4 %
calcium 4.5 g/kg
phosphorus 2.4 g/kg
sodium 1.4 g/kg

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation
Greenwoods Meadow Hay is a supplementary food Meadow hay can be fed daily in unlimited quantities. Please make sure your pet always has fresh water available.


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