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Modern Living Palma Dog Kennel

Product description

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Size M: 81 x 66 x 88 cm (L x W x H)
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Product description

Modern dog kennel with asymmetric roof design and protective porch, with a folding half of the roof and waterproof PVC roofing, as well as 2 bowls in holders and sturdy rubber feet.
Please note: This product might take a little longer to arrive as it may be shipped from outside the UK.

Modern Living is designed for discerning pet owners looking for sophistication and durability. We understand how much effort goes into creating the perfect home environment and the conscious choices that go into bringing more style and character into a house. Harmony is our passion!
We create pet furniture and accessories with unique, remarkable designs that will blend seamlessly into the most stylish of homes and deserve a prominent place in any household. However, we always keep your pet’s needs at the forefront.

Modern Living. This Harmonious Life.

A comfortable home that meets the needs of the discerning dog and its owner! Cosy, functional and extremely decorative, this Modern Living Palma Dog Kennel features contrasting colours and an asymmetric design. It is a stylish, eye-catching addition to any garden and offers your dog a comfortable outdoor retreat.

The modern Modern Living Palma Dog Kennel is made from robust material that ensures reliable construction and durability. A generously designed porch area protects your dog from wind or draughts, while the waterproof PVC corrugated roof ensures that it always stays dry inside the Modern Living Palma Dog Kennel. The hinged roof half allows you easy access to the inside, perfect for keeping it clean. There are also two feeding bowl holders with matching stainless steel bowls, which can be mounted at various positions around the kennel.

Modern Living Palma Dog Kennel at a glance:
  • Stylish dog kennel with modern architecture
  • Unique design: clear lines and inviting design, with light, harmonious colours and contrasting elements
Moderne Architektur - Asymmetrisches Dach
Modern architecture – asymmetrical roof shape
An optical highlight that is extremely useful. The steep angle of the single gable roof with eaves of varying heights ensures that rain drains rapidly, as well as offering a comfortable height inside.
100% wetterfestes PVC-Welldach
100% weatherproof corrugated PVC roof
The stable, waterproof roof covering guarantees reliable protection against the weather and ensures the longevity of the kennel. The smooth surface allows rain to run off quickly and keeps the roof free from snow and leaves.
Schützender Vorraum
Protective porch
A covered terrace offers your dog increased protection from wind and draughts. The porch also forms a weather-protected entrance, as well as being a great place for your dog to comfortably eat in a sheltered area.
Aufklappbare Dachhälfte
Hinged roof half
This particularly practical solution allows for quick ventilation and convenient cleaning of the inside of the kennel. When open, the hatch can be fixed with a locking hook.
  • 2 bowl holders: can be mounted at different positions in and around the kennel, preventing the bowl from slipping and at a raised position to keep ants and snails away
  • 2 stainless steel bowls: can be removed from the holders and hygienically cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Non-slip rubber feet: provides ground clearance and allows air to circulate underneath the kennel, offering protection against cold, damp ground
  • Simple assembly: pre-assembled components that can be joined together with just a few screws
  • Material:
    • Wood: pinewood
    • Roof: PVC
  • Colour:
    • Wood: white/light brown
    • Roof: black
  • Dimensions: Please find sizing information in the attached file

The size table recommendations are only intended as a guide, based on the average size of a breed. You must take your dog's individual size into consideration when choosing the size of the kennel. Please use the interior dimensions as a guide. The exterior dimensions include the wall-mounted bowl holder.

Important: Please select a dog kennel that is not too large: your dog should be able to create and maintain a comfortable level of warmth with its own body heat. A kennel that is too large increases the risk of your dog getting cold.

Please note: Without due care, timber may dry out and become brittle, warped or shabby. Please ensure your pet home is regularly cleaned and treated. We recommend treating dens and kennels which will be used outside with wood care and impregnating products. Always make sure products used are suitable and harmless for pets. Placing the pet home in a sheltered spot will also help to reduce wear.

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