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Wisdom Panel™ Essential Dog DNA Test

Product description

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Canine DNA Test
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Product description

An easy-to-use DNA test for dogs, with detailed, understandable analysis of ancestry, breed features and potential medical complications for more than 350 breeds, types and variations.
It is not only breeders who are interested in finding out about their dogs’ ancestry – almost every dog owner would be intrigued to learn about breed, traits and genetic health. The Wisdom Panel™ Essential is a DNA test for dogs, allowing you to find out more about your dog’s pedigree and to learn interesting facts about typical characteristics of the breed, including coat colour as well as body and facial features.

The Wisdom Panel™ Essential test can detect over 350 breeds, types and varieties. It is based on a comprehensive breeding database, a sophisticated algorithm and strategically placed markers, ensuring that thorough evaluation of the submitted DNA can result in meaningful results. This includes learning about potential medical issues and whether certain routine procedures would be safe for your dog to undergo. Wisdom Panel™ Essential is also the only licensed provider of the MDR1 medication sensitivity test.

The results of the Wisdom Panel™ Essential laboratory testing can be seen in an online report, which includes complete breed make-up and a family tree dating back to your dog's great-grandparents. As well as providing pedigree information, there is also a genetically-determined weight profile for your dog to allow you to work with your vet to offer your dog a healthy lifestyle.

Test your dog’s DNA in 3 simple steps – this is how it works:
Collect your dog's DNA
Use the 2 swabs provided to collect skin cells from inside your dog's cheek. Once they have dried, you're ready to go!
Activate your kit online
Register your kit and get instant access to our Learning Lab and other features by using our online activation tool.
Post your sample
Seal the sample inside the pre-paid return container to send the DNA sample to the lab. After as little as 3 weeks, you can view the results online.

Wisdom Panel™ Essential at a glance:

  • DNA test for dogs
  • Offers fast results in as little as 3 weeks
  • Easy to use with 3 simple steps: take a DNA sample using the cheek swabs, activate the kit online and send away the DNA for testing
  • Detailed analysis:
    • Characteristics information with percentage data on breed and breeding groups, pedigree with 3 ancestral generations
    • Breed characteristics with detailed information on the recognised breeds your dog has been linked to based on its physical and behavioural traits
    • Screening for 25+ medical conditions that may cause problems during routine procedures, such as spaying and neutering or MDR1
    • Prediction on your dog’s weight, which can be useful as a nutrition guideline
  • Recognises more than 350 breeds, types and varieties
  • Set with 2 swabs, instructions and pre-paid return container*
Breed Breakdown
Dog Ancestry
Identify your dog's breed mix all the way down to each 1%! This test screens more than 350 different breeds to work out the exact genetic make-up of your dog. It can even trace your dog's wolf-pack all the way back to its great-grandparents - no more wondering where your dog gets its traits and characteristics!
Medical Complications
Medical Complications
Find out if your dog has any genetic mutations that could make certain procedures or medications dangerous. The DNA test panel screens over 25 conditions that cause complications, as well as being the only licensed commercial provider of the MRD1 drug-sensitivity test!
*Only for use within the United Kingdom. Please do not use the prepaid return envelope from outside of the UK as the sample may not reach our lab.


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