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Cool Kiwi Cooling Mat

Product description

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diameter 76cm
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Product description

Round, decorative cooling mat for cats and dogs in a summery fresh kiwi design, offering a cooling effect on body contact without the need for batteries, immediately ready to use and versatile.
When summer is in full swing, any form of cooling can be extremely welcome – for our dogs and cats as well as for us! This Cool Kiwi Cooling Mat offers practical and decorative refreshment for on the go or at home. It has a cooling underlayer for your pet and is immediately ready to use.

The round Cool Kiwi Cooling Mat in a fun kiwi fruit design is filled with a cooling gel and works without the need for electricity. Pre-cooling is also not needed, as the cooling effect happens instantly upon bodily contact. If the effects start to wear off, a short break will suffice to recharge its cooling impact. The Cool Kiwi Cooling Mat is ideal in a range of situations, including your dog’s bed, kennel or transport crate. When not in use, the cooling mat can also be rolled up for space-saving storage.

Cool Kiwi Cooling Mat at a glance:
  • Round cooling mat for dogs and cats
  • Ideal on hot summer days: a cooling underlay that helps to regulate your pet’s body temperature
  • Summery fresh design: looks like a slice of kiwi, colourful and decorative
  • Cools on bodily contact: immediately ready to use, with no pre-cooling required
  • Works without electricity: environmentally-friendly and safe
  • Reusable: starts cooling again after a brief pause
  • Versatile: can be used in a bed, den, kennel, transport crate or simply on the floor
  • Space-saving to store: can be rolled up, making it practical for on the go
  • Easy-care surface: simply wipe clean
  • Colour: green, yellow
  • Material:
    • Upper material: 100% polyester
    • Print: 100% PVC
    • Cool gel filling: super absorbent polymer (SAP), water, antiseptic
  • Total dimensions: diameter 76 x (H) 0.3 cm
  • Article weight: approx. 3700g

Please note: spread the cooling mat out before use, so that the cooling gel is evenly distributed.
Store the cooling mat in a cool, dry place less than 45°C and away from direct sunlight. Let your pet come and go from the mat as and when it pleases, to avoid your pet getting too cold. The cooling mat is not chew- or bite-resistant, so it can be damaged. Keep it away from sharp edges and check the surface is not damaged before each use. Do not use if there is any damage. The material is non-toxic but it could cause illness or injury if swallowed. Not suitable for machine washing.

Please note: This product is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.
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