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Whiskas understands what your cat naturally needs and loves.

With Whiskas you will inspire your cat for a lifetime. Due to the great variety of flavors and the different types of preparation, the suitable cat food is available for every cat of every age. All Whiskas recipes are developed in collaboration with WALTHAM™, the world's leading authority on pet care and nutrition. Each meal is complete and balanced, giving your cat the best possible care.

Delight your cat with the delicious meals of Whiskas. Nutrition tailored to your cat’s lifestage. Over the years, the needs of your cat are constantly changing. By feeding age-appropriate food, you ensure that all your cat's dietary needs are met. Throughout her life, Whiskas helps to provide her with food and treats she will love intuitively.

Whiskas offers delicious meals with wet and dry food that are specifically tailored to the age of your cat and the diet she needs: kitten up to 12 months old, adult 1+, senior 7+ and 11+ years.