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Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium

Product description

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Product description

A unique fluid filter medium which stabilises and improves water quality, Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium has a very wide application range with more than 30 benefits.
Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium is 100 % natural and safe. It does not contain any chemicals, bacteria, or enzymes so it is well-suited for small and large, fresh and salt water aquariums and also for ponds. It improves water quality and protects against sudden changes.
Easy-Life can help to prevent and treat many of the problems encountered in aquarium care, during transport and quarantine and when establishing a new aquarium.

Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium at a glance:

  • Cleans the water
  • Stabilises water quality
  • Removes heavy metals, chemicals, medicinal residue, algae, and odours
  • Reduces and prevents stress
  • Improves physical resistance and makes fish less prone to disease
  • Stimulates rich colours and vitality
  • Prevents bacterial infections and accelerates healing
  • Reduces mortality rate during transport
  • Young fish grow twice as fast
  • Fertilises plants

Dosage: Add 10ml for every 30 litres of water
  • Regular maintenance: add ½ to 1 dose each month
  • Water change: Add the normal dose for the amount of water added
  • Treating problems: depending on the issue, add a single to a triple dose of Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium

Turbidity & clearing times
Easy-Life fluid filter medium is a very powerful product and you can see the product working in the water. After adding Easy-Life the water will go cloudy. This means that the product is working. The more contaminants that are in the water, the longer the turbidity will last. The turbidity will disappear after some time and is completely harmless.

  • Fresh water aquariums
  • Aquariums normally take 4 - 16 hours to clear. Heavily polluted aquariums can take up to 48-72 hours to clear.

  • Marine aquariums
  • Marine aquariums normally take 2 - 4 hours to clear. Heavily polluted aquariums can take up to up to 12 - 24 hours to clear.

  • Ponds
  • Ponds normally take is 48 - 72 hours to clear. Heavily polluted ponds can take up to 5 - 8 days to clear


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