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An aquarium is your starting point for the world of aquatics. Find the perfect fish tank and get started! All the aquariums we stock are made with top quality materials, skill and precision. Give your fish the perfect home!
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Find the perfect underwater home for your fish!

The first thing to do when you decide to get fish is to ensure you have the right aquarium! Here at zooplus we stock a great range of aquariums in a range of different sizes and styles, offering something to please every owner and fit every fish. There are both freshwater and saltwater aquariums available, so that you can get the right tank depending on the kind of fish you own.
We also offer a great range of aquarium starter sets, cabinets and accessories for kitting out and decorating your aquarium, the ideal way to turn your aquatic home into an eye-catching addition to any home. There are sizes to fit any room, all made to premium quality standards and with every size from minuscule to extra large! Many of these aquariums even come with in-built filters, lights or heating.

Browse the full range of Aquariums available here at zooplus:

Here at zooplus you can choose between freshwater and saltwater aquariums to ensure you have the right option.
You can shop based on size, style or even choose a complete set with a built-in cabinet.

  • Nano Aquariums: these smaller sized aquariums are ideal if you are looking to keep shrimp, crabs or smaller fish, featuring effective lighting and ideal for thriving underwater plants. These are perfect for those without much space to give up for an aquarium, as many of them are small enough to fit on a small table.
  • Aquarium Sets: available in both freshwater and saltwater varieties, with aquariums complete with filter systems, heating lighting and pumps. Choose from a range of different sizes and styles, as well as different colours, to be sure you can the perfect aquarium to fit your home. For the saltwater aquariums, you can even buy replacement salt here at zooplus to ensure the water is always in optimum condition. You can also shop by size, if you have a certain space you know you are looking to fill!
  • Accessories: background posters, roots and plants are all great accessories for kitting out your aquarium and creating the perfect home for your fish, as well as ensuring an eye-catching, pleasing design that will fit beautifully into your home. Browse the complete range here to find everything you need for your aquarium!
  • Aquarium Cabinets: an aquarium cabinet can be the perfect choice if you are looking for the perfect spot on which to sit your aquarium. They can also be handy for storing water treatment, fish food and spare accessories, as many of these aquarium cabinets feature drawers or cupboards that are just waiting to be filled with handy stock.

Here at zooplus there is an aquarium to suit every need, in a range of different sizes and styles.
Shop by water type or aquarium size, as well as kitting your aquarium out with essential accessories and handy cabinets.

Browse the full range of Aquarium and Pond Supplies available here at zooplus to start your perfect underwater journey!