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animonda Integra Protect Dog Renal 6 x 400g

: 5/5
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Balanced diet wet food for dogs with chronic renal failure, less phosphorus and protein to relieve the kidneys, grain-free, this complete food is well accepted and easy to digest....further information
Product description
animonda Integra Protect Dog Renal 6 x 400g
animonda Integra Protect Dog Renal 6 x 400g
animonda Integra Protect Dog Renal 6 x 400g
animonda Integra Protect Dog Renal 6 x 400g
animonda Integra Protect Dog Renal 6 x 400g
animonda Integra Protect Dog Renal 6 x 400g
animonda Integra Protect Dog Renal 6 x 400g
animonda Integra Protect Dog Renal 6 x 400g
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Product description

Balanced diet wet food for dogs with chronic renal failure, less phosphorus and protein to relieve the kidneys, grain-free, this complete food is well accepted and easy to digest.

animonda Integra Protect Kidney is a balanced complete diet for dogs that has been specially developed to support kidney function in chronic kidney failure. It is characterised by a wholesome recipe with a balanced nutrient content and aims not to put excessive strain on the kidneys.

animonda Integra Protect Kidney contains less, but very high-quality proteins to reduce the amount of protein breakdown products to be excreted and at the same time support the maintenance of muscles. The phosphorus content is also reduced to support the reduction accumulation in the body. The diet dog food is grain-free and therefore also suitable for dogs with intolerances.

animonda Integra Protect Renal at a glance:

  • Dietary complete feed for dogs to support kidney function in chronic renal failure.
  • Adapted recipe: contains a reduced amount of phosphorus and protein to relieve the kidneys
  • High-quality protein: contains less, but very high-quality protein to support muscle maintenance
  • Potato-enriched: an easily digestible source of carbohydrates
  • Grain-free: suitable for dogs with allergies and intolerances
  • Very delicious: excellent acceptance
  • Different varieties: tasty variations with beef and chicken available
Important Information:
  • Please consult your vet before feeding your pet with a veterinary diet. Your vet will be able to give further information and advice on possible treatment
  • When feeding your pet with a veterinary diet, you should take your pet to the vet for a check-up at least every 6 months
  • Should your pet's health worsen while using this product, please seek veterinary advice immediately
  • By adding this product to your shopping basket you are confirming that you have read and understood the above information.


Go to analytical constituents
Meat and meat by-products (chicken 25%, pork), vegetables (potato), vegetable by-products, oils and fats (rapeseed oil), minerals.
Source of protein: chicken, pork.

Meat and meat by-products (20% beef, chicken), vegetables (potato), vegetable by-products, oils and fats (rapeseed oil), minerals. 
Source of protein: chicken, beef.

Nutritional additives per kg:
Vitamin A (2,000 IU), vitamin D3 (200 IU), iodine (0.75mg), manganese (3mg), zinc (15mg).

Analytical constituents

protein5.7 %
fat9.8 %
fibre1.1 %
ash2.1 %
calcium0.19 %
phosphorus0.1 %
moisture76.0 %
potassium0.18 %
sodium0.08 %
linolenic acid2.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation
animonda Integra Protect Renal is a complete wet dog food.
Dog’s weight Daily serving in g/day
3 - 7kg 215 - 400g
12 - 17kg 600 - 800g


animonda Integra Protect Dog Renal 6 x 400g
: 5/5
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Customer Photos

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03/03/24|Peter torode
: 5/5
Loves it
Bella is a 15 year toy poodle with kidney failure our vet put her on royal canin wet/dry she has never liked the wet but eats the dry so when we discovered intregra renal we thought we would try it she loves it ! runs now for her food we still give the royal canin dry mix the only down side is her number twos are very loose but we’re hoping they might firm up soon
23/02/24|Peter torode
: 5/5
Can’t believe the difference
My elderly poodle Bella has kidney failure and our vet recommended royal cannin wet & dry she hates it! I had to hand feed her i was recommended to try integra by a friend and wow what a difference she loves it I bought a tin from our local pet store which was expensive but on zooplus it’s very reasonable just ordered 6 tins and will be also ordering the dry soon
: 5/5
I have been struggling to get my dog to eat her usual renal diet food ,consequently she had lost quite a bit of weight. I came across this food online and read the reviews so I thought I would order some . The difference is night and day she cannot get enough of this food and really likes it. I am very happy that she is enjoying her food again !!
: 5/5
Life saver
Just had to review this food , was using a different prescription food and my lovely dog was losing weight and looking her age 14 , this food has got her loving life again , she can’t wait for me to open the can and is now putting on weight and back out on her walks , she’s like a different dog 😍
12/02/22|Sue Montgomerie
: 3/5
Change in consistency.
My dog simply loves this. As in a previous review it changed his life however since the restock of the chicken flavour the consistency has changed. It is now much wetter to the point of sloppy & much more potato in it now. He still wolf's it down but at 14yrs old struggles to get the food out of the bowl. Bit disappointed how it's changed sorry.
13/01/22|Sue Montgomerie
: 5/5
Integra protect
The change in my dog since starting Integra Protect is amazing. My only worry now is your stock of both flavours has been sold out for weeks & my dog goes back downhill & the inevitable happens & saying goodbye to him.
: 5/5
this food is so palatable that I’m having difficulties keeping my other dogs away from the bowl of food while it’s being eaten, so I recommend giving this food a try. My boy wouldn’t touch any of the other renal dog foods, and because of the extortionate price of them, a lot of money went into the bin before I found this. I’m hoping it’s back in stock before I run out, he loves the chicken, but it doesn’t love him, so beef only which is gobbled up in seconds.. PLEASE increase stock levels!
29/11/21|Julia J
: 5/5
Satisfied Snoop
Snoop had to move onto this food when he developed renal impairment. He loves this food and licks his bowl clean!
: 5/5
Miracles can happen!
Extremely fussy dog (will often turn down even offered human food) actually clears her bowl on a mix of this and the dry version, can't believe it! I'd pretty much given up on the idea of proper renal diets based on her pickiness! More ordered, and I hope it continues :)
: 5/5
My dog loves it
Affordable renal foods seem so hard to come by. My vets were charging double this for a similar food. My girl wolfs this down and always looks for more. She has more energy and doesn’t vomit while having this. So glad this had such good reviews previously and we gave it a go. Definitely didn’t disappoint.
08/09/21|Elaine Hynd
: 5/5
Dog loves it, that’s all that matters!
Having been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, my 13 year old Tibetan Terrier required a low protein diet to protect her kidneys. The food recommended by the vet generally went from the can to the bin - she refused to eat it and was losing weight. I did some research online, thought I’d give Integra a try, and thank goodness I did! She eats it willingly and has put on some weight. Early days, but at least she’s eating again.
21/06/21|Chris williams
: 5/5
Beef integra renal wet food
can't praise this food enough. We were having to hand feed our 13yr old dog with royal canin. Researched this food and decided to give it a try. Our dog loves it, licks the dish clean and then returns to see if has magically refilled! His energy levels have also returned. Wonderful and a joy to see him eat it
: 5/5
My dog absolutely loves it he used to have the Canin ones which were extremely expensive and gave him the runs but since I have switched him to these ones Integra Protect Dog Renal he licks his plate clean he eats both chicken and beef but I think he loves the beef flavour more nice to have options :) He has early stage of kidney disease so he would urinate more sometimes during his sleep he has been on this diet for a month and what a big difference no more urinating like before! Excellent!
: 5/5
Dog loves it
After trying three different types of renal food and my dog not eating them (not surprised because they smelt terrible) but he loves this food. He has the beef food. One thing is if he weighs 9.5kg does anyone have an idea if I can feed my dog 500g per day?
: 5/5
My dog loves it
I have bought the more expensive food and found my dog was totally miserable at dinner time I had to hand feed her, but she loves this food I got the chicken flavour. Going to try the beef one next
18/03/21|christine Cotter
: 5/5
great result
After spending a fortune trying to find a suitable renal food for my CKD elderly puppy dog I found Integra.... its been a great hit, my dog loves it, i havent seen him eat with such gusto for a long long time
18/09/20|Alison Young
: 5/5
Stage 3 CKD in a fussy eater
My almost 13yr old border collie was diagnosed with CKD 3 months ago and by using a dry renal insufficiency diet her bloods improved to Stage 2, from Stage 3. However she was a picky eater and her appetite was getting worse and her weight dropped. I was desperate. I found this affordable product online. The very first day I offered no more than a finger nail's worth mixed in with her renal dry food, and she couldn't eat it fast enough. What a turnaround after weeks of despair. Wonderful!
: 5/5
Fat content
My dog eats this after trying other brands which he wouldn't eat. My only query is the layer of fat at the bottom of the tins. I do scrape it up and mix it in but it seems odd that it occurs like this. Should I be concerned?
: 5/5
Integra protect dog renal
My dog had undergone a minor operation and no food would lift her after for weeks after until a friend told us about this. Our vet had given us the talk she may have to be put down, yet after finding this food she instantly started to eat....and gained weight, energy and was soon like a pup again. Love this food, she has gone from strength to strength so I thoroughly recommend to all. The lady who told me about it said her dog had been very poorly too this food after trying loads was what gave e
: 5/5
So glad I purchased this food
After A LOT of research and comparison of ingredients, I took the plunge and changed my Labrador with CKD to Animonda Integra Protec from Royal Canin Renal Wet food (which was burning a hole in my finances). Happy to report dog's values have improved with this food and he loves it, it's not burning a hole in my purse either! I was worried cheaper product would mean less quality but it doesn't appear the case with this. Cant ever fault shipping & delivery either!