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Chewies Olive Wood Chew Sticks

Product description

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1 Stick – M (for dogs <20kg)
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1 Stick – L (for dogs <30kg)
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Product description

Olive wood chew sticks for dogs, offering natural chewing enjoyment without any artificial ingredients, bark-covered wood with no splinters, helping to support dental health and hygiene.
If your dog frequently satisfies its chewing instincts with your favourite shoe or a table leg, then you need to offer an attractive alternative! A natural chewing toy such as this Chewies Olive Wood Chew Sticks is a great option. It offers long-lasting chewing enjoyment and will appeal to most dogs, thanks to the natural bark still being on the wood.

The Chewies Olive Wood Chew Sticks helps to satisfy your dog’s chewing needs and has many advantages, such as not splintering. Instead it will fray into fibres that your dog can harmlessly swallow. The Chewies Olive Wood Chew Sticks is free from artificial ingredients. Chewing helps to support your dog’s dental hygiene, encouraging the flow of saliva and helping to remove plaque and tartar through dental abrasion.

Chewies Olive Wood Chew Sticks at a glance:
  • Olive wood chew snack for dogs
  • Long-lasting chewing enjoyment for dogs
  • Natural chewing fun: free from artificial ingredients, helping to satisfy your dog’s natural chewing instincts
  • With bark: makes the wood particularly attractive to dogs
  • No splinters: for harmless chewing enjoyment, the wood will break down into fibres that can be swallowed without causing injury
  • Supports dental hygiene: chewing encourages the flow of saliva and can help to mechanically remove tartar
  • Available in various size: M and L, making it suitable for different dog breeds
  • Ideal entertainment: an environmentally-friendly, natural toy for your dog
  • Free from artificial ingredients
  • 2 sizes: tailored to the jaws of different dog breeds, a natural product that will naturally vary in weight and shape
    • Size M: approx. 270-500g, approx. 20-30cm long, diameter approx. 4.2cm, for dogs weighing 10-20kg
    • Size L: approx. 500-800g, approx. 20-30cm, diameter approx. 5.5cm, for dogs weighing over 20kg
  • Certain jaw strengths will be able to bite through this chew stick. Please check whether this is the case for your dog immediately.


Chewies Olive Wood Chew Sticks are entirely natural.
Chewies Olive Wood Chew Sticks offer a pure, natural chewing experience for your dog. The natural shape and pleasant wood make this chew stick popular with both small and large dogs. Unlike our coffee chew sticks, the Chewies Olive Wood Chew Sticks still have their natural bark. This particularly appeals to dogs!

Practically every dog loves to play with and chew sticks. However, normal sticks can splinter and injure your dog. Our chew sticks break into fibres rather than splintering – these fibres can then be harmlessly swallowed by your dog. Chewies - 100% dog!

Analytical constituents

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

Chewies Olive Wood Chew Sticks – enjoyment guaranteed!

Most dogs will be instantly enthusiastic about these chew sticks. If your dog is sceptical, some tasty flavour such as sausage may be required.
  • Offers long-lasting chewing enjoyment for your dog
  • Free from artificial ingredients
  • Can support oral hygiene, encouraging saliva and helping to mechanically remove tartar
  • Suitable for many dog breeds
  • Environmentally-friendly, natural dog toy


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