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Dog Kennels with Porches

Dog kennels with a porch provide your dog with an extra outdoor space. It lets them enjoy the outdoors while protecting them from the weather, and will give them a shady spot to rest in the summer. As we all know, dogs are sociable creatures, so it is a great idea to offer your dog an outside space attached to its own homely kennel. This helps ensure your dog feels part of the family and can see what is going on at all times!
A dog kennel with a porch is particularly practical during the summer months, as it provides shade and shelter from the hot sun, something which can cause plenty of health issues for our canines. Treat your dog as well as caring for its wellbeing with a high-quality, low-cost dog kennel with porch from zooplus!

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    1 products

    Dog Kennels with Porches

    This sturdy and attractive outdoor dog kennel features a pitched roof & a sheltered patio, making for a special, protective home for your pet. Easy to assemble and made from pre-oiled spruce wood.

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    Dog Kennels with Porches

    For optimum comfort whatever the weather!

    Ensure your dog can fully enjoy its kennel all year round with one of these great dog kennels with porch from zooplus! They are the perfect way to offer your dog both indoor and outdoor space of its own, without taking away any of the comfort and style your dog would receive with a standard kennel. Here at zooplus, we have something for every canine need!
    A dog kennel with porch is the perfect way to allow your dog to enjoy the great outdoors without being battered by the elements, whether that be rain during winter or beams of sunshine on a hot summer’s day. By including a sheltered porched patio area in your dog’s home, you are allowing it to enjoy a cool shady area i summer and a delightful lookout point during winter. This also means that if your dog gets too hot inside the kennel, it can enjoy some outdoor space without being entirely outdoors.
    Dog kennels with porches can be a particularly practical solution if you have a dog that likes to watch the world go by from its safe, secure home space, as it allows an uninhibited view of the world around. We also have fun options that include outdoor raised feeding areas and fabulous Swedish designs, so that there really is a dog kennel with a porch for everyone.

    Browse the full collection of dog kennels with porches available here at zooplus:

    • Traditional porched kennels: these offer all the style, comfort and tradition of a standard outdoor wooden dog kennel, with the added bonus of a patio area for your dog. They are sturdy and attractive, with a sheltered porch area that allows that little bit of extra freedom for your dog.
    • Modern designs: if the traditional wooden dog kennel is not to your tastes, then why not try something more elegant and modern? We offer Swedish-style dog kennels with porches, which are as weatherproof, safe and protective as traditional kennels but make an eye-catching addition to your garden.
    • ”Convertible” kennels: if the standard dog kennel with porch is still missing a little something, then try something a little more quirky! Here at zooplus we even offer kennels with a pitched roof that can then be opened up to convert the kennel on hot summer’s days, allowing ventilation and light without providing a constant outdoor space that could become dirty or a home to unwanted visitors.

    Browse the complete range of dog kennels and dog flaps available in our dog category here at zooplus!

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