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Petlife KarmaWrap Dog Anxiety Vest

Product description

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Size XS: 33-46 cm Chest Circumference
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Product description

Dog shirt made from light, breathable 4-way-stretch material that can have calming effects in stressful situations, with swaddling technology and adjustable using velcro fasteners to fit every body.
Everyday situations can offer a range of stress for your pet, whether that be the weather, being transported in a box, or noise from street traffic. This Petlife KarmaWrap Dog Anxiety Vest can help reduce stress caused by fireworks, separation anxiety of vet visits. Stress can manifest itself in many different ways depending on the dog, including vomiting, restlessness, barking, hiding, shaking, snapping or yelping. The Petlife KarmaWrap Dog Anxiety Vest is a great way to keep stress at bay! The proven wrapping technique, like swaddling, has an effectiveness of around 85%.
The Petlife KarmaWrap Dog Anxiety Vest is made from light, breathable, 4-way stretch material that can help to calm your dog in stressful situation, wrapping your dog in a gentle embrace, like swaddling a baby. It offers a moderate yet pleasant and constant pressure around the chest and body, helping to offer security and safety, similar to applying a bandage to an injured joint.
The Petlife KarmaWrap Dog Anxiety Vest is available in a range of different sizes. You can ensure your pet is wearing the correct size by measuring around the chest circumference and directly behind the front legs. Thanks to the velcro fasteners it will fit to every body type, no matter your dog’s shape!
The waterproof, antibacterial shirt can also be machine washed at 40°C for maximum hygiene. The Petlife KarmaWrap Dog Anxiety Vest helps to soothe your dog in a natural way and can ensure a calmer, more relaxed pet.

Petlife KarmaWrap Dog Anxiety Vest at a glance:
  • Shirt to reduce stress in dogs
  • Made from elasticised, breathable stretch material: acts like an embrace, helping to calm naturally in stressful situations
  • 85% effectiveness
  • Reduces symptoms of stress: through proven swaddling technology
    • Stress caused by noise: fireworks or thunderstorms
    • Journey stress: in the car or a carry cage
    • Separation anxiety or vets visit
    • General nervousness or anxious behaviour
    • Pulling on the lead
    • Helps combat continuous anti-social barking
  • Pleasant pressure on the chest and body: for safety and security, similar to a pressure bandage
  • With velcro fastener: completely adjustable to all body shapes
  • Produced in Great Britain
  • Waterproof and antibacterial
  • Colour: grey
  • Material: 4-way stretch material
  • Care instructions: machine washable at 40°C

Sizing table for Petlife KarmaWrap Dog Anxiety Vest:


Size Back length Chest circumference Neck circumference Total length Side length
XS approx. 15cm approx. 33 - 46cm approx. 33 - 43cm 72cm approx. 30cm
S 23cm approx. 40 - 60cm approx. 38 - 59cm 96cm approx. 38cm
M 27cm approx. 56 - 71cm approx. 41 - 65cm 105cm approx. 45cm
L 30cm approx. 66 - 86cm approx. 44 - 72cm 119cm approx. 50cm


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