Dog Ear Care & Dog Eye Care

Ensuring dog's ears and eyes are in healthy & clean condition is important and checking them on a regular basis as part of the grooming regime is a must. Dog breeds with facial skin folds need special attention and zooplus have selected eye and ear care products to facilitate the grooming process.
4 products
4 products
8-in-1 Ear Cleansing Pads

8in1 Ear Clear Cleansing Pads are a specially gentle and convenient way to clear dirt and wax particles from your dog's sensitive ears while also keeping skin and coat in good condition.

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90 pads
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Antibacterial wipes to keep your pet’s sensitive areas clean. They kill 99.9% of bacteria and fungi and are alcohol-free. These wipes are suitable for cats, dogs, small pets and birds.

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20 wipes
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Finger pads for cleaning and caring for your dog’s ears, helping to remove ear dirt and wax, reducing odours with natural ingredients in a gentle, easy to use format that offers you great control.

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50 Pads
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Otoclean Ear Cleaner

Special ear cleaner for dogs and cats, helping to remove dirt, ear wax and secretions whilst disinfecting and moisturising, helping to avoid infections and inflammation for top oral hygiene.

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18 x 5ml
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Dog Ear Care & Dog Eye Care

A key part of your dog grooming regime

Dog Ear Cleaners

Choosing a dog ear cleaning solution is an important part of your dog grooming regime. Regularly cleaning your dog’s ears can help prevent infections and the build-up of dirt, grime and ear wax in your dog’s ear canal.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing an ear cleaning solution for your dog:

Liquid or wipes? Cleansing pads and wipes are great for when you need to clean the visible part of your dog’s ear. But for cleaning deep in your dog’s ear you will need a liquid cleaning solution. Many dog ear cleaning solutions come in handy bottles with nozzles, perfect for reaching your dog’s ear canal.

These are important things to consider and will determine what sort of dog ear cleaning products you will need. If your dog just has dirty ears, then ear cleansing wipes are most likely your best option. But if your dog has an ear infection then chances are you will need a liquid dog ear cleanser for deep cleaning.

Dog Eye Cleaners

Whether you use a dog eye cleaner for removing daily eye dirt, treating an eye infection or cleaning tear stains here are some tips for choosing the right dog eye cleaning solution for you.

Dog Eye Dirt: Also known as eye gunk or even eye boogers, are a common for all dogs. For dogs with dirty or crusty eyes, a non-irritating cleaning solution is the best way to gently remove any of this build-up.

Tear Stains: Have you ever noticed that dogs with lighter fur tend to have brown marks around their eyes? These tear stains are completely normal, but can sometimes be difficult to remove. Without continuously trimming the fur around your dog’s eyes, the best option is a good eye cleansing solution. These gentle cleaners are ideal for working around sensitive areas, like your dog’s eyes.
Things to look out for: Are your dog’s eyes dirtier than normal? Or are they excessively wet? If you notice a change with your dog’s eyes, then it might be an infection that requires treatment.

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