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HUNTER Retriever Slip Lead - Black

Product description

HUNTER Retriever Slip Lead - Black 5 6
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Product description

The HUNTER Retriever Slip Lead is a dressage collar and lead in one, available in two different colours
The HUNTER Retriever Slip Lead is a 260cm long moxon lead. It is covered with pure polyamide which is stitched up with matching thread has nickel-plated metals hardware. Polyamide is abrasion resistant, extremely durable, tear resistant and very durable.

Tests show that the belt can hold up to 2.4 tonnes. The insensitive polyamide rope is best suited for sport and leisure - also for bad weather.

The HUNTER Retriever Slip Lead at a glance:

  • Nickel-plated metal hardware
  • Matching stitched leather trim
  • Collar and lead all-in-one
  • Collar continuously adjustable through stop-ring and leather slider.
  • Leash continuously adjustable with special slider
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HUNTER stands for quality and functionality. HUNTER gives you high quality of individual products coupled with attractive designs, while simultaneously providing top functionality and great safety.


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