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PetSafe Telescopic Dog Ramp

Product description

PetSafe Telescopic Dog Ramp 5 3
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approx. 100 - 180 x 46 cm (L x W)
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Product description

Aluminium telescopic dog ramp, helping with entry into the car and ideal for young, old or unwell dogs, with an anti-slip surface and lightweight, easy to store when not in use.
Young, small, old, anxious, weak or ill dogs can find it hard to get into the boot of the car. The PetSafe Telescopic Dog Ramp makes this a problem of the past!

The PetSafe Telescopic Dog Ramp helps to protect your dog's joints, especially the hips and the spinal area. It is recommended for all dogs that can no longer jump due to age or illness such as arthritis.

The ramp can also be used as a preventative measure, for example if you suspect your dog may have joint problems or is predisposed to related illnesses. It is also a great support for the joints of young dogs of large breeds in their sensitive growth period.

The ramp features an anti-slip covering of waterproof sandpaper and raised tracks, ensuring secure grip and tread during use. The material is really easy to clean. The PetSafe Telescopic Dog Ramp weighs only approximately 5.8 kg, so it's easily carried and handled.

The dog ramp is extremely flexible and can be used anywhere. Its length can be adjusted from approx. 1m to 1.83m. It will fit a variety of places such as the car, the bed or the stairs. Folded up the ramp takes very little room and is easily transported. It is robust and can be used in and outdoors. The manufacturer's maximum weight specification is approx 120kg.

PetSafe Telescopic Dog Ramp at a glance:

  • Weight: 5.8 kg
  • Size: 100 - 180 cm x 42.5 cm (L x W)
  • Inner width: 39.4cm
  • Sandpaper width: 33cm
  • Colour: aluminium / grey
  • Anti-slip waterproof sandpaper layer

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