Car Harnesses for Dogs

Dog car harnesses can help make car rides safer for you and your pet. Like a seatbelt for dogs, these dog harnesses attach directly to a normal seatbelt, but can usually be used as regular harnesses as well. That means no more wrangling to get the leash on with the car door open.
3 products
3 products

Trixie dog harness to keep your dog in place while driving, also suitable as a regular harness, fits with all conventional buckles.

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Size S
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Size M
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A crash-tested dog harness for safety transporting your dog in the car, checked and certified by the German TÜV, easy to attach to your car seat belt and with comfortable padding.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
2 Varieties from
Size M: for medium dogs
Size L: for large dogs

Keep your dog safe on car journeys by fastening them in with their own tear-resistant safety belt. Available in 2 fully adjustable sizes, with a seat belt buckle and snap hook. Colour: black

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45-70cm x 30mm (L x W)
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Dog Car Harness

Buckle up! We all love taking our dogs out on adventures, but did you know it's a legal requirement to have your dog secured in your car?

We all know how excited your pet can be to take that car ride. Dog car harnesses or a dog car belt can secure him in place during your journey.

Our Favourite Dog Car Harness Solutions

Getting your dog to stay put on the car seat can be tricky. You can rest assured knowing that your dog is safe with these products:
  • Trixie Dog Car Harness: This handy dog car harness can also be used on walks, making it effortless to walk your dog to and from the car.
  • Dog Car Belt: This adjustable dog safety belt clips on to your dog's harness or collar and fits into most car seatbelt fittings.
  • Dog Car Seat: If you have a small dog, this car seat can be a handy alternative to dog car harnesses and keeps your dog in it's seat.
Once you've found your perfect dog car harness, take a look at the complete zooplus collection of dog travel accessories, to make sure your dog is travel ready. Back to the top