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Kitten Products

All you need for your kitten to settle into its new home under one roof: kitten beds and food, kitten treats, kitten milk and toys, cat litter and litter trays. 

Kitten Products

Equip yourself for the exciting adventure ahead with your new kitten!

For weeks you’ve been desperately waiting for this, and finally the day has come for you to welcome your new kitten into your home. At zooplus we know how special this is for you, which is why we've made this as easy as possible by compiling all of our Kitten Products into one place to make sure that you’ve got everything you need for your young furry feline. We have all the essentials right here, from tasty kitten food and scrumptious kitten milk to adventurous kitten trees and exciting kitten toys. You can even check out our handy Kitten Starter Sets that are great for settling in with your new companion.

Find everything you need right here!

  • Kitten Food: your adorable new family member is going to be hungry and will need a combination of Wet Kitten Food and Dry Kitten Food to ensure they receive all of the nutrients they need. As kittens are constantly exploring and growing, their food is specially adjusted to contain the additional vitamins they require.

  • Kitten Milk & Supplements: to begin building a trusting relationship with your kitten, why not try some Kitten Treats? Pair these with plenty of cuddles and you’ll be well on your way to a kitten that’s enamoured with you. They are also important supplements to your kitten’s diet, providing extra goodness.

  • Kitten Litter: we’ve got a huge range of kitten hygiene products that will suit your every need. From new Litter Boxes and Trays to refill packs of Kitten Litter, you can find it all right here.

  • Kitten Accessories: your kitten will be desperate to play, explore and have fun in their new home. Kitten Trees help them to learn new skills such as jumping and climbing, while Kitten Toys can help sharpen your kitten’s mind and prepare them for hunting. And after all of that, your exhausted little kitten will need a Kitten Bed and Blanket to recuperate after a hard day’s work!

Don't worry! We haven't forgotten about your adult cats! If you’ve got older cats you can browse our selection of Cat Products here at zooplus!