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2 x 2kg Bozita Dry Cat Food - 10% Off!*

Product description

2 x 2kg Bozita Dry Cat Food - 10% Off!* 5 22
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Feline Outdoor & Active (2 x 2kg)
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Now £19.69
(£4.92 / kg)
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Grain Free Indoor & Sterilised - Reindeer (2 x 2kg)
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(£5.82 / kg)
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Grain Free Diet & Stomach - Elk (2 x 2kg)
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Product description

Now when you buy selected 2 x 2kg bags of wholesome Bozita dry cat food, in a range of nutritious flavours and tailored varieties, you'll get 10% off!
This promotional offer applies only to the listed variants starting with 996835.xx (.xx = variant identifier).

Bozita dry cat food is high quality full-diet cat food from Sweden. Due to the strict Swedish food-processing regulations, only first-class raw ingredients are used in Bozita.

Sweden – a country of breathtaking beauty and untouched nature which provides the best possible basis for fresh, healthy and high-quality ingredients. This love of nature is part of the philosophy behind every pack of Bozita Feline cat food. Bozita is produced in the historical province of Västergötland, a place which is very dear to all who love the countryside. All Bozita Feline varieties are made from top-quality meat mixed with healthy bran and grain. And each variety is of the same high quality, using only meat from animals which have been raised in the Swedish countryside in humane, species appropriate conditions. All ingredients used are of high, human-grade quality.

In this offer you will find the following products:

  • Grain-Free Active & Sterilised Dry Cat Food - Lamb:  A high-quality dry food for active and sterilised cats, with wholesome lamb in a grain-free recipe. Rich in natural ingredients and contains glucosamine & chondroitin to support joints and movement.
  • Wheat Free Hair & Skin - Salmon:  A wheat-free dry cat food ideal for long-haired cats or cats with skin & fur problems. Made with freshly prepared salmon, rich in Omega fatty acids and indigestible fibres for anti-hairball recipe. 
  • Wheat Free Large - Salmon:  A wheat-free dry food for large breed adult cats, with large kibbles to promote slow eating. Made with easily digested salmon, rich in omega fatty acids and added glucosamine & chondroitin sulphate.
  • Feline Indoor & Sterilised:  Premium cat food from Sweden. Made with easy to digest chicken. With MacroGard, vitamins and important nutrients for a healthy immune system. Suitable for elderly and sterilised cats or indoor cats.
  • Grain-Free Kitten - Chicken:  Grain-free dry food for kittens with a high energy and protein content, also for pregnant or nursing cats. With tasty chicken and extra small kibbles. Supports digestion with natural ingredients.
  • Grain-Free Diet & Stomach - Elk:  A grain-free dried food with a reduced energy and fat content, ideal for sterilised, overweight and inactive cats. Made with protein-rich elk with added prebiotic fibres to aid digestion.
  • Feline Outdoor & Active:  Premium cat food from Sweden. Made with delicious elk meat and enriched with MacroGard and vitamins for a healthy immune system. High energy content for very active cats and those which go outside.
  • Grain-Free Indoor & Sterilised - Reindeer:  Grain-free dry food for sterilised or inactive cats with a reduced energy content. Made with tasty reindeer, designed to support intestinal flora and reduce hairballs.
* Special offer items have limited availability and are very popular. We cannot guarantee availability of these items. The images used in this promotion are for illustration purposes only and do not constitute a binding offer. Out of stock promotional items are no longer available for purchase.


More information about the individual varieties, including ingredients and feeding recommendations, can be found here:

Analytical constituents

protein 30.0 %
fat 20.0 %
fibre 1.2 %
ash 7.4 %
phosphorus 1.0 %
magnesium 0.09 %
moisture 10.0 %
potassium 1.2 %
protein 33.0 %
fat 14.0 %
fibre 3.5 %
ash 7.0 %
carbohydrates 33.5 %
calcium 1.2 %
phosphorus 0.9 %
magnesium 0.07 %
moisture 9.0 %
omega-3 fats 0.3 %
omega-6 fats 1.6 %
calories that can be burned 1561.0 kcal
protein 34.0 %
fat 10.0 %
fibre 4.0 %
ash 6.0 %
carbohydrates 37.0 %
calcium 1.1 %
phosphorus 0.9 %
magnesium 0.07 %
moisture 9.0 %
omega-3 fats 0.2 %
omega-6 fats 1.2 %
calories that can be burned 1493.0 KJ/100 g

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