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Cat Treats

Cat treats can give your cat a fun activity, help calm things down, or provide a dietary supplement. All cats love treats and it should be important to give your companion the best foods as you would for yourself.

Cat Treats

Spoil your cat with a tasty treat!

Every cat loves a tasty snack, and this range of Cat Treats here at zooplus is extensive and delicious, offering something to please every palate. Cat treats are a great option for rewarding your cat’s behaviour, building the bond between you or simply showing your cat how much you love it! They can be a delicious addition to a wholesome cat food diet.
Here at zooplus we offer cat treats from a number of well-known and lesser-known manufacturer names, ensuring that everyone’s needs are catered for. As well as tasty treats, there are also natural options to ensure health and dental care snacks to keep your cat’s oral hygiene high. There are even cat pastes to help combat hairballs and milk to support the healthy growth of young kittens.

Browse the full range of Cat Treats here at zooplus:

This selection of cat treats is extensive and delicious, to ensure every feline can enjoy a tasty snack.
Choose from plenty of flavour options and more beneficial health varieties.

  • Natural Cat Treats: natural, wholesome cat treats that are tasty and low in fat, offering natural nutrition to support a complete and balanced diet. These include fish, poultry and meat snacks rich in essential nutrients and guaranteed to satisfy!
  • Catnip & Cat Grass: catnip is a real treat and stimulant for most cats, enticing them to play and also beneficial in relaxing and calming cats. Cat grass can also be very beneficial, a great option if your cat does not get outdoors and helping to move swallowed hairs through the system.
  • Cat Dental Treats: help to keep teeth and gums healthy with this range of dental care cat treats here at zooplus, supporting oral hygiene and combatting tartar, plaque and bad breath.
  • Anti Hairball Treats
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  • Cat Pastes & Malts: pastes can be extremely beneficial, helping to move hairs through the system after they have been swallowed during grooming. They can support natural digestion and often include other health benefits, enriched with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The range of anti hairball snacks here at zooplus also includes crunchy, crispy treats so that every cat can benefit.
  • Cat Sticks: cat treats in stick form can be crunchy or chewy, offering real enjoyment for your feline and great for breaking into smaller pieces or leaving with your cat to keep it occupied. Here at zooplus we offer them in a broad range of flavour options and even offer sugar-free and oven-baked versions to support health. Many of these cat sticks are also grain-free - ideal for the sensitive feline!
  • Cat Milk
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  • Kitten Treats & Milk: cats love milk - but milk does not love cats! Many felines struggle to digest it, yet could still benefit from the key nutrients found in it, so here at zooplus we offer a range of specially developed cat milk. It is also great for kittens, as it can offer dietary supplements and ease the transition from mother’s milk to solid foods.

Here at zooplus we offer a great range of Cat Treats to offer every cat a tasty snack.
Cat treats are available in a range of options and can be a great addition to your cat’s daily diet.

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