GimCat Pudding for Cats

: 4/5
A special cat dessert, made from milk reduced in lactose. A delicious, calcium-rich treat for felines with a sweet tooth - now in a resealable pouch....further information
Product description
GimCat Pudding for Cats
GimCat Pudding for Cats
GimCat Pudding for Cats
GimCat Pudding for Cats
GimCat Pudding for Cats
GimCat Pudding for Cats
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GimCat Pudding for Cats

- 150g

£10.60 / kg

Product description

A special cat dessert, made from milk reduced in lactose. A delicious, calcium-rich treat for felines with a sweet tooth - now in a resealable pouch.

Does your cat have a sweet tooth and just love the taste of milky pudding? Then treat your cat to this special cat pudding! GimCat Pudding for Cats is especially designed to meet the needs of our feline friends. It is made from whole milk, with a really milky taste. The product is reduced in lactose, so that it is suitable for cats with sensitivities. GimCat Pudding is rich in calcium, which promotes strong, healthy bones.

GimCat Pudding for Cats comes in a handy resealable pouch that will keep this cat dessert fresh and tasty.

GimCat Pudding for Cats at a glance:

  • Tasty whole milk pudding
  • Reduced lactose: well-accepted
  • With calcium: promotes strong, healthy bones
  • Especially developed for cats
  • In a resealable pouch


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Lactose-reduced whole milk (90%), sugar, vegetable by-products.


According to the manufacturer, this product contains no additives.

Analytical constituents

protein2.5 %
fat3.5 %
fibre0.5 %
ash0.5 %
calcium0.1 %
moisture82.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation:

GimCat Pudding for Cats is a supplementary treat for cats.

Feed 2-4 teaspoons per day at room temperature. Reseal pouch and store in a cool place.


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Latest user reviews

16/12/23 | Cat lady meow
: 2/5

Car loves it but I don't..

It contains sugar which I only saw after. My cat is addicted to it. Shame as I came to order more and then saw the ingredients.
16/09/23 | Mandie
: 5/5

Winner here!

Both of my female Sphynx LOVE this and sit with faces touching while I swap it between them, so sweet to watch how much they enjoy it. I only give it once or twice a week and have had no stomach issues (both girls are a little prone too). I guess try a pouch, give in small doses days apart to see how yours manage it to begin with but this is my favourite treat to feed them now……even above Dreamies.
05/05/23 | Poppy
: 5/5

Brilliant product

Bought this for my boy as he does crazy for sweet things and I figured it’s better for him than stealing bits of human food. Using this to supplement his diet as I’m trying to get him to put in a bit of weight. My female cat isn’t as fussed by it, but that’s just as well as she’s supposed to be on a diet!
12/02/22 | David Elsworth
: 5/5


Our cat Dibby has to be the most awkward cat to find food or treats for. But this is her favourite. Always clears her bowl, always wants more. After a been run over two years ago she has struggled with most chewable foods but this is a godsend for us. Highly recommended and goes down a treat!
11/01/22 | Katrina
: 2/5

One cat was reluctant, the other has had sickness and runny poo since

One cat reluctantly ate it - not really a treat when they don't go crazy for it! Think we'll stick to Dreamies. The other cat is still suffering a poorly tummy since trying the pudding..
05/01/22 | Joolsy
: 5/5

What can I say.....

My cat just loves this! Like me he dose have a sweet tooth, so I doubled my order. Very happy 😺
: 1/5

Cats do not have the ability to taste sweet

marketing over what is actually healthy for cats. made my cat sick, also it doesn't have a "sweet tooth" - no cat does. They cannot taste sweet.
16/10/21 | Loya
: 1/5

Cat puked it straight away

Shame because he loved it but he puked it out instantly so didn’t agree with his stomach is my guess
: 5/5

Love love love

Laps it up in seconds. She's being fussy with food at mo but will always lap up this
: 5/5

Favourite treat

My kitty recognizes the pouch and as soon as she spots it, she sprints towards me. We went through a few of these and I'll buy more seeing how she enjoys it.
25/06/21 | Leona Williams
: 5/5

My cats look forward every day to this treat

My two cats are fussy but realised my senior loves milk and wanted a safer creamy version and wow this smells so delicious. I can mix a bit with their tooth paste to have them consume it. So lovely and irresistible for them both.
20/06/21 | Julie
: 5/5


My 2 kittens love this helped me get medication down one to they try but it to get in that’s how much they love it my adult cats don’t like it
29/05/21 | Alan
: 1/5

Not for our cat's

They wouldn't even go near this, like a number of things I have got in the hope of helping their fur, as they have dry skin, but they just refuse to even get close to this, let alone take it.
01/03/21 | Luna
: 5/5

Soo Sweet

We love it
28/02/21 | Luna
: 5/5

Me and my cat loves it!

I eated some to try and its sweet my cat loves it no tummy problems
26/01/21 | J Knight
: 5/5

Can't believe it's gone!

Our cats LOVE their pudding, I can't believe the product has disappeared. We're working our way slowly through the last 20 pouches...
31/12/20 | Sap
: 1/5

Cats don't like it

Neither of my cats will go near it!
09/09/20 | Furbabys
: 5/5

Gimcat pudding

Brillai nt i have a cat that wont eat buiscuit he loves this treat off a spoon , bonus it dose not upset there tummy
25/06/20 | Kelly Lijka
: 5/5

Cats love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bought this to try my cats on as don't like to give milk as they all have sensitive stomachs. Wow they inhaled it even my fussiest female who is a right food snob and will not touch anything other than her food downed it without coming up for air am well impressed.
11/05/20 | Norah
: 1/5


Unfortunately my cat didn't like it, she sniffed and walked away, i tried 4 times, wish I hadn't ordered that much