GimCat Nutri Pockets

Country Mix (150g)
: 5/5
Crispy pillow-shaped cat snacks with a delicious filling. Perfect as a small between meals, with a mix of different flavours for variety! Packed full of essential vitamins....further information
Product description
GimCat Nutri Pockets
GimCat Nutri Pockets
GimCat Nutri Pockets
GimCat Nutri Pockets
GimCat Nutri Pockets
GimCat Nutri Pockets
GimCat Nutri Pockets
GimCat Nutri Pockets
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Product description

Crispy pillow-shaped cat snacks with a delicious filling. Perfect as a small between meals, with a mix of different flavours for variety! Packed full of essential vitamins.

These delicious GimCat Nutri Pockets are available in exciting flavour mixes - Malt Vitamin Mix, Sea Mix and Country Mix. Nutri Pockets cat snacks are crunchy little cushions with a soft centre full of flavour that your cat will love.

These are the ideal treat for between meals, or for rewarding good behaviour! The Nutri Pockets are packed in a handy re-sealable pouch, keeping them fresher for longer and making them easy to store.

GimCat Nutri Pockets at a glance: 

  • Tasty snacks for cats of every age
  • Crispy treats in a pillow shape with a soft, creamy filling
  • Exciting flavour mixes for variety:
  • Malt Vitamin Mix:
    • Catnip & Multi-Vitamin: can boost your cat’s natural defences with 12 essential vitamins
    • Beef & Malt: encourages the natural passing of swallowed hairs, reduces hairballs
    • Salmon & Omega-3/Omega-6: can help to strengthen the immune system
  • Sea Mix:
    • With salmon, trout and shrimp
    • Contains essential taurine to support normal vision and heart function
  • Country Mix:
    • ​​​​​​​With duck, beef and turkey
    • Provides important vitamins to support vitality
  • Free from sugar, artificial colours and preservatives
  • Resealable pouch: keeps the snacks fresher for longer


Go to analytical constituents
Malt Vitamin Mix:
Grains, meat and meat by-products (red-brown Nutri Pockets: dried beef, 4%), oils and fats, fish and fish by-products (orange and red-brown Nutri Pockets: dried salmon 4%), vegetable by products (red-brown Nutri Pockets: dark malt 4%, oat fibres 4%, green Nutri Pockets: catnip 5%),minerals, eggs and egg by products, milk and dairy by-products, yeast.

Sea Mix:
Grains, meat and meat by-products, oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish by-products (Nutri Pockets: orange-brown: 4% salmon, Nutri Pockets dark brown: 4% trout), molluscs and crustaceans (Nutri Pockets yellow: 4% shrimps), minerals, vegetable by-products, milk and dairy by-products.

Country Mix:
Grains, meat and meat by-products (Nutri Pockets red brown: 4% beef, Nutri Pockets brown: 4% duck, Nutri Pockets dark brown: 4% turkey), oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, vegetable by-products, minerals, yeast, milk and dairy by-products.

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (9000 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (630 IU/kg), vitamin E (90 mg/kg), taurine (1000 mg/kg).

Analytical constituents

protein31.0 %
fat20.0 %
fibre1.5 %
ash6.0 %
moisture9.0 %
omega-3 fats1.8 %
omega-6 fats13.8 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
GimCat Nutri Pockets are a supplementary food for cats.
Feed up to 20 treats daily.
Fresh drinking water should always be available.


GimCat Nutri Pockets
: 5/5
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: 5/5
Great vitamin option for cats
My elderly cat loves them and I'm happy she has a healthy snack. I have to break it into two halfs for her to eat because of her weak teeth but other than that thumbs up👍
02/05/23|Christine Mctague
: 5/5
Cat Treats
My cats love them
27/01/23|Eloise Pearsall
: 5/5
All round catisfaction
Well much like many other treat filled pockets mine both love, these appeared to go down very well, and had all dissappeared in seconds. They actually left the other treats Id got from Zooplus but picked these out from round them, so can only assume they must be tasty! Certainly worth adding a pack to your basket next time you order as cats seem to love them
: 4/5
recipe and size change
The previous version was great with 12 vitamins and loved by all cats I've tried it on. This recent product means that a number of vitamins were removed from contents and the bits are quite a bit larger which makes it more difficult to swallow for my toothless old kitty. He still likes it but I now need to chop each bit into two. I wish Gimcat can change the vitamin content and size back.
: 5/5
Cats love them
Cats absolutely love them, never turned their nose to these treats.
: 5/5
That’s was smaller?
My cat lovees these and it’s better when it’s bigger than smaller. When it ended my cat was looking sad for a day! Will be buying again
: 5/5
My cat likes eating very much but can't eat more
: 5/5
My cat loves Gimcat
First time when it finished I was putting it to bin and when my cat saw it he’s face was looking sad now we have 2 packs of these after half year and we are soo happy! I think half year ago they were smaller and it was hard for my cat to eat it…
: 5/5
Love it
With my cat
: 5/5
For cats that can't eat chicken
My cat has a poultry allergy and cant eat most treats. He really loves these.
: 5/5
My cats love'em
I have 4 cats and they all love these treats. They are cost effective (large bags are always a bonus). I would highly recommend them.
: 5/5
A good snack, with very few calories!
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
Good to make into little servings, looks fluffy and tasty and is a hit with my cat.
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
Very good
These snacks were recommended to me and quickly added into the basket. I was skeptic at first, but after a testing period, I have found that my cat's fur has a healthy glow.
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
My cat loves these treats
I have now tried several flavours of the "GimCat Nutri Pockets" for my cat. The product is very well received by him. So, a big thumbs up from me, and my cat is looking forward to the next package ;o).
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
My cats are happy, so I am happy too :)
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
Very good
My cat is crazy for these treats. She's a little on the heavy side so I like to give her these treats between meals as they are not very calorific. My cat still seems to like the taste
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
Great snack for between meals
My cats can be very picky at times, but they have loved both flavours of the Nutri Pockets. Just give them a go to see if your cat likes them, I definitely recommend them :-)
Translated from by zooplus