beaphar Dental Easy Treats

: 4/5
Treat your cat to these delicious little crispy dental treats, made with chlorophyll to help keep teeth clean and freshen the breath, absorbing unpleasant smells from within the throat....further information
Product description
beaphar Dental Easy Treats
beaphar Dental Easy Treats
beaphar Dental Easy Treats
beaphar Dental Easy Treats
beaphar Dental Easy Treats
beaphar Dental Easy Treats
beaphar Dental Easy Treats
beaphar Dental Easy Treats
beaphar Dental Easy Treats
beaphar Dental Easy Treats
beaphar Dental Easy Treats
beaphar Dental Easy Treats
beaphar Dental Easy Treats
beaphar Dental Easy Treats
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beaphar Dental Easy Treats

- 35g

RRP* £2.15
Our Price £1.49
£42.57 / kg

Product description

Treat your cat to these delicious little crispy dental treats, made with chlorophyll to help keep teeth clean and freshen the breath, absorbing unpleasant smells from within the throat.

beaphar Dental Easy Treats are tasty little treats that help to support your cat's dental hygiene. Your pet's teeth and gums are subjected to considerable stress every day, with the bacteria in saliva causing dental plaque to be deposited on the tooth surface, which can rapidly turn into dental tartar. Your cat's diet may also be a contributing factor. beaphar Dental Easy Treats offer a natural cleaning action that helps to remove this plaque and tartar whilst your cat chews.
These beaphar Dental Easy Treats contain a natural plant extract called chlorophyll, which helps to clean the teeth and keep breath fresh by absorbing unpleasant smells that have originated from further down within the throat. It is a great way to keep your cat's mouth in optimum health, no matter the breed.

beaphar Dental Easy Treats at a glance:

  • Dental care snacks for cats
  • Suitable for all cat breeds
  • With chlorophyll: a natural plant extract that absorbs nasty smells from within your cat's mouth and from further down the throat
  • Natural cleaning: polishes your cat's teeth as it chews
  • Helps to remove plaque and tartar: with the treats' natural properties


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Grains, vegetable by-products, oils and fats, various sugars, minerals, yeasts, fish and fish by-products, meat and animal by-products.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (4480 IU), vitamin B1 (4mg), antioxidants, colourants.

Analytical constituents

protein28.6 %
fat6.3 %
fibre2.5 %
ash5.4 %
calcium0.24 %
phosphorus0.61 %
magnesium0.12 %
moisture8.5 %
potassium0.56 %
sodium0.09 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendations:
Between 5-10 treats per day.


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Latest user reviews

: 1/5
My cat didn't like these they had to go to waste
: 5/5
A hit!
These are the only cat dental treats my cat will eat after trying many. He might even like them more than Dreamies!
02/09/22|Ros C
: 1/5
Much Smaller Pack - Sugar to help teeth? What?
When these were called Zhanies they came in a much larger pack. I trusted the ingredients and my cats loved them. They still love them but now they are in the red (infinitely smaller) pack they actually contain sugar, which rots teeth. Cats' teeth are particularly sensitive to erosion by sugar. This product, in my opinion, is not fit for purpose.
: 1/5
British version with sugar
My cat used to love these, however, I’m not impressed that the new “British version” now contains sugar. The original Zahnies are still sold across the EU and don’t. The package has also shrunk, I won’t buy them anymore which is a real shame as they were great treats. Zooplus, please get the old ones back if you can (which are still on sale in all other countries).
: 2/5
Size of the pack shrank drastically
My cat loves the treats and they seem to be helpful with her teeth. However, after rebranding the package shrank from 150g to 35!
01/01/22|Lou Dunne
: 5/5
Miracle treats.
One of my cats really vexes when she has even the tiniest bit of plaque on her teeth. Well, these treats do the job, no doubt about it. The only problem being is she likes them a bit too much. So please beware that should you give your fur baby more than the recommended amount they are likely to cause diarrhoea. But that's not a fault with the product. These are a winner for cats who stress over their teeth.
: 5/5
Best treats yet for my cat
Tried these as they were available in the rewards shop and my cat absolutely loves them. I have to put the bag safely away after giving him a treat because he actually tries to get into the bag. Will definitely buy these in my next order. If they help his teeth too then that’s a bonus.
: 1/5
Not satisfied
I am a bit disappointed, my cat doesn't want to eat this.
: 5/5
My really picky boy Ernie really likes these so well happy.
: 1/5
Waste money
My cat doesn't eat.
19/02/21|Maria S.
: 5/5
Super awesome, my picky cat really loves these
My super picky cat really loves these! Usually he just swallows treats like tablets, but he actually chews on these, which is great for his own satisfaction obviously I'd imagine. Really happy. P.s. Use these for command training, like sit and lay, etc..
: 5/5
Cat loves these treats.
When I opened theses, I wondered if my cat would try them , due to look of them. She loves them, and it's great to know that they are healthy for their teeth. I feed my 6 year old cat 5 every few evening s of so. Pleased with product and would buy again.
: 5/5
My cat loves these even more than Dreamies
I was doubtful when I saw how green they are but my cat, who is not normally that food-motivated, absolutely loves these. Unfortunately I won't find out if they're helping her teeth until she next visits the vet.
: 4/5
They do work and kitten likes them
My kitten has really bad morning breath, but these do help. Kitten goes totally bananas for them in the evenings, but if I try to feed them to him any other time, he ignores them. I give him 4 per day otherwise his poop is green!
: 5/5
Amazing green tasty parcels
My cat absolutely adores these - He loved Dreamies and then he tried Zahnies and loved them even more. He gives the most amazing purr when eating them. Also a year ago the vet said it was likely that next time he came in for his check up he was going to have to have his teeth cleaned (under anesthetic) - a year later, and the vet says his teeth are good. Still plaque but no inflammation or gingivitis. The cat has 3 a day just before bedtime.
15/08/19|Michael S
: 5/5
My cat loves them
I wanted something to help keep my cat's teeth clean. Out of the ones I've tried, these are the ones she will go for the most. I don't know how effective they are on her teeth, but she loves them.
: 5/5
Actually work!
My fussy cat (my own fault) loves these and even better no more nasty smell from his breath when he yawns on me 😻
: 5/5
She love it!
It's hard to please our cat when it comes to delicacies, but she loves them! He likes them very much, it seems to me that it reduces the unpleasant smell from the mouth. I recommend;)
: 5/5
Highly enjoyable
I have an extremely fussy other two cats will have the plaque off on their food..but she wont touch it..thought i would give these a try ...well before i even got to open the pkt , she was chewing through it..i opened the pkt ..well she devoured them..and every day she hears me getting the pkt she is straight next to me eagerly waiting them...and they are definitely doing what they should,her teeth are looking good
: 5/5
I have 3 cats and one which is an extremely fussy bengal. She wont eat any wet food and only eats concept for life and dreamies cat treats . So i didn't hold out much hope for these. But as soon as my parcel arrived and whilst i was opening it, i had 3 cats desperately trying to get into the box..and next a sealed packet was swiped out of the box..and once i ran after them and opened the packet of these dental treats ..they were in total delight and so everyday they happily will eat these..
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