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Modkat Cat Litter Tray

Product description

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Product description

A high, open cat tray with additional step for climbing in and out, reusable litter tray liner, includes a transparent splashguard to ensure a clean environment, modern design, colour: white/grey
The Modkat Cat Litter Tray is perfect for modern cat owners thanks to its well-designed functionality. The award-winning design meets the highest style demands and will be the perfect addition to any home. The white tray is around 23cm high and can be made even higher with the addition of a transparent splashguard that can be easily attached using three simple clips. This can be ideal if your cat likes to stand in its litter tray or is prone to digging in the litter.

The entrance of the Modkat Cat Litter Tray is around 16.5cm high, with a stepping platform that can be easily inserted using clips. It features small holes that ensure any litter stuck to your cat’s paws falls back into the tray. This tray also comes with a litter insert, made from grey plastic. It is reusable and can be attached into the Modkat Cat Litter Tray with its folded edges. Whilst stocks last, it even comes with a fun interactive DIY cat toy that cats large and small will be delighted with!

The Modkat Cat Litter Tray is a clever and attractive solution for cats that like a top entry litter box, with various features that make it easy to keep clean.

Modkat Cat Litter Tray at a glance:

  • Litter tray ideal for older cats and kittens
  • High edge: protects against spray or stray litter
  • Additional splashguard: easily attaches using 3 clips and is ideal for standing cats or those that like to dig
  • Removable stepping platform: for easy entrance and exit and with small holes through which stray litter can fall back into the tray
  • Reusable litter insert: included with the litter tray, fastens to the tray, easy to clean
  • Award-winning design: linear, prize-winning product design that is ideal for the modern pet household
  • Free toy: interactive DIY cat toy (while stocks last)
  • Colour: white, grey
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: 51.4 x 35.6 x 38.1 cm (L x W x H)
    • Litter tray: 22.9cm (H)
    • Splashguard: 15.2cm (H)
    • Stepping platform: 21cm (W)
    • Entrance: 16.5cm (H)


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