Cat Litter Mats

Litter mats help keep your cat's litter box area clean and hygienic. Litter box mats help prevent cat litter from being tracked around the house.
7 products
7 products

A practical mat with cute paw print pattern and soft, textured surface. It keeps the area around the litter tray fresh and hygienic. Simply shake or vacuum to keep clean. Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm.

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A XXL-size, very soft half-round mat for trapping litter that flies out of your cat's litter tray. Easy to keep clean - just shake or vacuum. Suitable for XXL cat litter trays. Dimensions 60 x 36 cm

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Cat litter tray mat, stops litter getting spread around your home, helps keep paws clean, double-layered mat collects litter, hygienic, soft and inviting under paws, dimensions: 77 x 46.5cm (L x W)

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A practical PVC mat for your cat’s litter tray, helping to collect stray litter and with a textured surface. It makes it easier to clean by simply shaking out. Dimension: 60 x 40cm (L x W)

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These litter liner bags fit in nearly every litter box, keeps things clean and makes the box easy to clean out.

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Fits up to: 55 x 45 x 12 cm (L x W x H)
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Trixie Cat Litter Tray Bags

These extra-large litter tray bags offer quick, easy and uncomplicated cleaning of your cat’s litter tray. Simply line the tray with one of these handy plastic bags before placing litter on top.

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10 x XL bags
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These tear-resistant bags are ideal for lining your cat’s litter tray, avoid the build up of urine residue, prevent unpleasant odours, hygienic and easy to clean, make your litter tray last longer

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Litter Scoops & Mats

Keep your cat’s toilet area clean and hygienic

Cleaning out your cat’s litter tray can be an unpleasant task, so here at zooplus we offer everything to make it as easy a job as possible. Litter scoops can be helpful when removing clumps or soiled litter from the litter tray, whilst adding a cat litter mat or liner can help keep the tray itself cleaner and more hygienic.

A cat litter mat placed around the edge of your cat’s litter tray can be ideal if your cat is prone to digging its litter, keeping any stray chunks from damaging your floor or creating unnecessary mess. You can choose from a range of fun designs, as well as materials, with some offering softness and texture, whilst others are made from foam that is kind to your cat’s paws.
Adding litter liners to your cat’s toilet will be a revolutionary experience, as it makes removing soiled litter a breeze. Combined with an effective scoop, many of which include practical holders, and cleaning your cat’s litter tray has never been easier.

Take a look at all of the Litter Scoops & Mats available here at zooplus to make keeping your cat’s toilet area hygienic the easiest job in the world:

  • Liners: these tear-resistant bags simply fasten around the edges of your cat’s litter tray, keeping the litter itself separate from the tray and helping to ensure urine residue and germs can be fastened up with the soiled litter and easily thrown away. These are also great for making your cat litter tray last longer, so not only do they help with hygiene - and make your life easier - but they are economical too. They are available in various different sizes, so there is something for every size and breed.
  • Mats: a cat litter mat helps to improve cleanliness and hygiene around your cat’s toilet area. A cat litter mat can also help to collect any litter that may fly out of the tray, protecting your floor and making cleaning easier. Choose from a range of styles, sizes and shapes, as well as different materials.
  • Scoops: a scoop is ideal for removing clumps from clumping cat litter, making cleaning a litter tray much easier. Scoops can also be great for ensuring you do not use more litter than needed. zooplus also offer holders for scoops and dustpan and brushes for cleaning the toilet area.
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