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Super Benek Corn Cat Sea Breeze Clumping Litter

Product description

Super Benek Corn Cat Sea Breeze Clumping Litter 4 16
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Product description

100% natural clumping litter for cats. With a pleasant sea breeze scent. Biodegradable. Highly absorbent with efficient odour neutralisation. Can be flushed down the toilet.
Super Benek Corn Cat Sea Breeze is an innovative cat litter made from 100% natural plant-based material. Since it contains no chemical additives, the product is compostable, biodegradable and can be easily disposed of by flushing it down the toilet.

The litter is highly absorbent and quickly picks up fluids to form compact, flat clumps. This makes it easy for you to clean the litter box. Another distinguishing feature of the litter is its incredibly efficient odour neutralisation. A pleasant sea breeze scent is released upon contact with fluids and ensures a pleasant indoor atmosphere. In spite of the scent, the litter is easily accepted by cats. The litter's consistency also means it is less likely to be spread around outside the litter box.

Super Benek Corn Cat Sea Breeze at a glance:

  • Natural clumping litter for cats
  • Made from 100% natural plant-based material: compostable and biodegradable
  • Can be flushed down the toilet: the clumps break down in water like toilet paper
  • Highly absorbent: fluids are immediately absorbed and form compact clumps
  • Efficient odour neutralisation: unpleasant odours are fully absorbed by the litter
  • Sea breeze scent: ensures a pleasant indoor atmosphere
  • Easily accepted by cats
  • The litter's consistency also makes it less likely to be spread around the box


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