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Big Bag Cat Litter Tray Bags

Product description

Big Bag Cat Litter Tray Bags 3 3
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70 x 61cm (L x W)
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Product description

10 plastic bags for your cat litter tray, hygienic and tear resistant, protects, makes it easier to clean the litter out, suitable for common top opening litter trays, fits perfectly in the ‘Big Box’
The Big Bag Cat Litter Tray Bags blend in with the litter tray and are a great help when it comes to keeping it clean. They fit perfectly in the Big Box cat litter tray and are generally suitable for all litter trays with an opening at the top and corresponding measurements.
These plastic bags are extremely thin but very robust and tear resistant. They act as a lining which keeps the mess away from the tray itself and so makes cleaning it out much easier. Urine stains can’t build up and the litter tray is protected from uric acid. This helps the litter tray to last longer and can also prevent unpleasant smells.

Big Bag Cat Litter Tray Bags at a glance:
  • Practical plastic bags for litter trays that open at the top
  • Universally suitable: fits top opening litter trays with dimensions up to 53 x 40 x 52cm (L x W x H)
  • Fits perfectly in the Big Box Cat Litter Tray
  • Very hygienic: prevents urine stain build-ups, can keep unpleasant smells away
  • Helps the litter tray to last longer: protects the inner walls
  • Particularly tear resistant
  • Easy and quick cleaning: saves times when cleaning out the litter box
  • Ideal also for travelling
  • Environmentally friendly cardboard packaging
  • Material strength: 25µ 
  • Colour: transparent
  • Dimensions:
    • Bag open: approx. 53 x 40 x 52cm (L x W x H)
    • Bag flat: approx. 70 x 61cm (L x W)
  • Contents: 10 bags

Please note: the depicted Big Box Cat Litter Tray is not included.


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