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Staywell (PetSafe) Cat Flap

Staywell, which is part of the extensive PetSafe family, is the leading brand in pet doors for cats and dogs. Here at zooplus, find a great range of Staywell cat flaps and PetSafe cat flaps.
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    1 products


    A practical 4-way cat flap with a microchip reader that can be programmed for up to 40 cats, with reinforced locking and draught exclusion. It is simple to use and ideal for multi-cat households.

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    White Cat Flap
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    Staywell Cat Flap

    Grant your cat freedom while ensuring that your home is protected from furry intruders!

    Cats are active animals by nature so get them a cat flap to increase their independence! Staywell Cat Flaps offer much more than regular cat flaps as they can be installed in a range of doors, walls and windows. They are suitable for microchipped cats, cats with a magnetic collar or cats with neither if you choose the Classic cat flap that's suitable for all cats!
    This range of Staywell Cat Flaps are ideal for installation in any door, including installation in glass doors and UPVC doors. The magnetic cat flaps and chip cat flaps are ideal for being installed in any kind of door, making life easier for every cat owner!

    Browse the complete selection of Staywell (PetSafe) Cat Flaps available here at zooplus

    Find the right Staywell cat flap to meet your needs.
    These Staywell cat flaps are ideal for installation in any door, including installation in glass doors and installation in UPVC doors.

    • Microchip: having a microchip Staywell cat flap is a great way to prevent unwanted visitors coming into your home, as it will only open for microchip numbers that have been programmed into it. This means that stray cats or other wildlife cannot simply sneak into your home secured by a chip cat flap and cause chaos! Some of these microchip cat flaps can register up to 40 microchipped cats without needing separate collars or tags, making the chip cat flap ideal for multi-cat homes.
    • Magnetic Collar: the magnetic collar allows your cat to enter their home freely without worry about neighbouring cats invading their territory! There are also magnetic cat flaps, which can be easy and practical. These magnetic cat flaps are also ideal for easy control of cats that aren't microchipped. The collar is recognised by the magnetic cat flap and opens just for them.
    • Classic 4-Way Cat Flaps: if neighbouring pets aren't a problem for you, we also sell classic cat flaps that don't identify your pet which is perfect for multi-cat households, alongside our range of magnetic cat flap and chip cat flap options. These cat flaps also feature a 4-way locking system that allows you to control the movement of your pets. It can be programmed to be completely open (in and out), open in one direction (in or out) or completely closed.

    Here at zooplus we offer an extensive range of Staywell Cat Flaps.
    Take a look at the cat flaps we have to offer and find the perfect option to meet your individual needs.

    Browse the full range of Cat Flaps & Nets available here at zooplus, to find something for everyone!

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