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Balcony Cat Nets

Balcony cat nets offer protection for daredevil cats on balconies and terraces. Balconies can provide a nice way for indoor cats to catch some rays or a bit of fresh air, and cat netting can help make them a safe place for cats who just may not quite know their limits.
2 products
2 products

Cat Nets

Wire reinforced Trixie cat net for indoors and out, bite/tear resistant, Mesh width: 3 x 3 cm, colour: olive, incl. installation materials

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2 x 1.5 m
RRP* £17.99 Our Price£8.79

A wire-reinforced cat safety net for use in and outdoors. Quality controlled for UV and weather resistance as well as non-toxicity. Mesh size 3 x 3 cm, colour olive.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
1 Varieties from
8 x 3 m
Was £29.99 Now£24.99

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