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Plastic Dog Kennel Polly

Product description

Plastic Dog Kennel Polly 4 22
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Size 2: 87 x 72 x 75 cm (L x W x H)
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Product description

Premium plastic dog kennel suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Easy to clean, perfect for dogs with allergies.
Beautiful dog kennel Polly is made from quality plastic and is the perfect choice for dogs that tend to soil their kennel with mud and dust. It can be easily hosed down and there are lot of air slats all over the kennel to ensure good ventilation, even in the summer months and avoid the kennel turning into a sauna.

Assembly is achieved using the plug-in system within a few handholds.

Plastic dog kennels also offer increased hygiene as fleas and mites don't like the plastic surface. Plastic Dog Kennel Polly can simply be hosed down with a garden hose, making it the ideal home for dogs with dust allergies or otherwise impaired immune systems.

The kennel features plenty of air vents for ventilation to avoid heat accumulating in summer:

  • On the sides: Vent (sealable in Size 2)
  • On the back: Large, round vent
  • Ground: Venting slits
  • Roof: Mesh vent (only with size 87 x 72 x 75 cm (LxWxH))

Plastic Dog Kennel Polly is effortlessly assembled with the easy connector system.

Plastic Dog Kennel Polly highlights:

  • Colour: outside walls light grey, roof dark grey
  • Quality plastic
  • Easy assembly with the plug-in system
  • Easy and hygienic to clean
  • Protection from fleas and mites
  • Excellent ventilation due to numerous air slats and vents
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
Size 1 Size 2
Outer dimensions:
L x W x H (roof)
74 x 60 x 66 cm (L x W x H) 87 x 72 x 75 cm (L x W x H)
Outer dimensions:
L x W x H (cabin)
59 cm x 48 cm x 66 cm 73 cm x 60 cm x 75 cm
Inner dimensions:
L x W x H (middle/sides)
55 cm x 44 cm x 57 cm / 43 cm 69 cm x 56 cm x 66 cm / 48 cm
Ground clearance: 8 cm 8.5 cm
Roof overhang:
Entrance / Side / Back
8.5 cm / 6 cm / 8.5 cm 8.5 cm / 6 cm / 8.5 cm
Side air slats
W x H
31 cm x 5.5 cm 42 cm x 7.5 cm (sealable)
Roof hatch grating
W x H
none 40 cm x 24 cm
Rear air vent Ø: 12.5 cm 15.5 cm
W x H (middle)
26 cm x 41.5 cm 32.5 cm x 47 cm

Please note: Your dog kennel should not be so big that your dog's own body heat is insufficient to maintain an acceptable temperature in the kennel at all times. Dogs get cold in kennels that are too large for their size. Ensure good ventilation at all times. Open all vents on hot days.


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