HUNTER Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm

: 4/5
The HUNTER Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm is made of durable nylon material that has been woven together with special reflecting fibres for improved visibility in the dark and twilight....further information
Product description
HUNTER Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm
HUNTER Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm
HUNTER Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm
HUNTER Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm
HUNTER Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm
HUNTER Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm
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HUNTER Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm

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Product description

The HUNTER Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm is made of durable nylon material that has been woven together with special reflecting fibres for improved visibility in the dark and twilight.

Aside from all the comfortable characteristics of nylon collars, the HUNTER Reflective Cat Collar cares especially for your cat's safety. The elastic nylon material has been woven together with special reflecting fibers so that when wearing this collar, your cat is visible in twilight and in the dark from far away, and also won't be missed by drivers.

HUNTER Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm at a glance:
  • Flexible nylon with reflective weaving
  • Includes bell on D-Ring
  • Nickel-plated metal parts
  • Fully adjustable length over a slider
  • Practical push-fit clasp
  • Length: 30cm
  • Adjustable sizes: 16.5-26.0cm
  • Width: 1 cm

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HUNTER stands for quality and functionality. HUNTER gives you high quality of individual products coupled with attractive designs, while simultaneously providing top functionality and great safety.


HUNTER Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm
: 4/5
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: 1/5
Doesn't stay tight
My cat has only had this a few weeks and I already need to replace it. Yes, it's bright. Yes, it's Stretchy. No, there is no safety release. And no, it doesn't stay at the tightness you set it to. Every day (sometimes twice a day) I am needing to readjust the size of ti's collar as it loosens itself sooooo much! I would not recommend this at all, and definitely won't be buying another one!
23/01/24|Stevie Nicks
: 1/5
Kept coming loose
Not sure if mine was a duff one, but this collar kept coming loose and needing to be re-tightened. It lasted less than a week and I ended up taking it off because he kept getting his paws and jaw stuck in it every time it became too loose. It drove him nuts
: 3/5
It took 6 weeks before my kitten lost this collar, but less than a day to lose her replacement expensive snap-open collar. Reflective is essential in my opinion. One star lost because I had to biro on our phone number and another because it could be more attractive. Lots of spare spare collar for the future.
: 3/5
Long but also no quick release
This collar on the longest is very big for our 4kg cat but also it doesnt have a quick release so is probably ok as its very stretchy.
: 5/5
It doesnt need Quick Release!
Lots of comments giving lower ratings on the basis it doesn't have a quick release. In my opinion, it doesn't need a quick release as the collar is elastic. So if the collar got snagged, it would stretch, thus allowing the cat to escape. 5 Stars from me because the quick release collars kept disappearing, whereas this collar always comes back in situ on the cat.
: 5/5
put on kittens ready to go outside
I thought they would try and remove them but they have been happily wearing them for a month. Well made and the bell rings to announce their arrival!
: 5/5
Longest lasting collar
Fantastic collars. Since they're stretchy if a cat gets caught they can just wriggle their way out. However, our cats have been wearing them about a year and they've never gotten them lost, whereas any other collar has lasted around a month before they've disappeared. We have to tighten them every now and again, but I had to do that with other collars too. My cats are happy with them and I am too.
: 1/5
Lasted less than a week
This collar quickly frayed to the point where it had lots of small loose oops of fabric, which my cat got caught on her teeth while grooming, uncomfortably trapping her tongue. Would not recommend. It is also very stretchy.
: 1/5
Safety concern
This collar should come with a warning ‘not for outdoor cats’! No quick release, very dangerous if cat gets trapped or caught!
: 4/5
Im pleased with this collar, this is he first one my cat doesnt seem too bothered by, only an occasional scratch and lick here and there. I‘d still be worried about her getting cought on something though and the reflection doesnt do much as it gets lost in her long coat but thats to be expected
: 1/5
NOT quick release
Warning to any outdoor cat owner: This is not a quick release collar. If your cat gets stuck with something beneath their collar, for example if falling out of a tree, they will get stuck as this collar will not release automatically. Big safety concern here!
: 4/5
Good collar with a loud bell
Got this collar for my cat last December and it's good though has a few lose threads from when she scratches near it. The bell is very loud, much louder than the one on her old collar, but at least I always know where she is now!
15/06/20|Christine Broadbent
: 1/5
These collars look great but come loose very easily.We have had them a short time and are having to tighten then frequently. They have frayed badly and unfortunately have been no deterrent to our rather busy hunting cats.
: 1/5
Not good
Having a black cat it is the perfect colour, a bell is mandatory as she is not a cat, she is a Ninja 🐱‍👤 She has stealth capabilities, getting our other cats food, even when I enclosed my feet around the bowl at the foot of my chair to stop her, she still found a way in, and was chomping what she could when she realised I knew she was there before bolting with her cheeks full. But the elastic is no good, it's like old elastic that you feel tear as you stretch it, and it's only a week or so 👎
: 5/5
perfect in every way
We had this collar for a while and didn't realise just how fantastic it is! Came to a realisation once our cat has lost it and we tried to replace it with numerous others- literally no other collar we have tried would compare! And we have tried lots and lots! This collar is just perfect! Easy clipping mechanism, stretchy and comfortable, reflective enough, bell works exactly as intended! 5 stars and is absolutely best of the best! So happy we discovered it!
: 4/5
good collar if you file down the clip to be quick release
I love this collar as it isn't constantly coming off and I can use a GPS tracker without losing it. However I would only use it if after filing the catch down to become quick release. Otherwise I feel that if a cat jumps from height and catches its collar it is in danger of hanging itself, elasticated collar or not.
11/06/18|Tanya Bryant
: 5/5
Great collars
I think the width of the collar is just about right! I like the fact that this collar is elastic and would only buy elastic collars for my five cats. Although the clasp is not quick release, I feel that if one of my cats got caught up, the collar would come off easily.
: 5/5
Disregard incorrect reviewers!
Other reviewers seem to be missing the point about this collar: since the whole thing is elastic, the clasp doesn't need to be quick release. The collar will stretch to slip off (I have seen it work). To the reviewer who complained the collar showed signs of damage, it is likely the cat's own rear claws from scratching, or brushing against twigs, etc. Since the fabric is soft, it does catch on sharp things but this is an acceptable trade-off for the only collar that seems to stay on safely.
: 4/5
fab collar but cant give 5 stars at not quick release
very good quality but after about six months needs replacing as gets tatty. once it gets stretchy they get their leg through it, so beware of that.
: 5/5
Best collar we've found yet
Our boy forever loses quick release collars, so it's nice to have one that stays on more than a day. This one is fab. It is entirely made from stretchy elastic, so will (and has been witnessed to) pull over his head if need be. It stretches a loooong way when it needs to! As a result, we do still occasionally find we need to replace it, so keep a stock of them just in case. Love the fact it's reflective too as he's actually really quite stupid with traffic. Highly recommended.