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Customer Favourites: Cat Bowls and Water Fountains

Look no further! Here you will find a special collection of our customer favourite cat bowls, feeders, placemats and water fountains. Find the perfect cat bowl here at zooplus!

8 products
8 products

Water Fountains

The Cat Mate Fountain provides constantly flowing water from a waterfall animating your pet to drink. Recommended by vets.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
3 Varieties from
2.0 litre Fountain
Replacement Filters (2-Pack)
Was £4.99 Now£4.49 £2.25 / unit
Replacement Filters (6-Pack)
Was £14.49 Now£12.99 £2.17 / unit

Food Dispensers

This clever pet feeder uses your pet's microchip to control access to the food. It's ideal for multi pet households or for pets that are on a special diet or need medication.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
4 Varieties from
Automatic Feeder 400ml (+ Grey Bowls, Mat & RFID Tag)
RRP* £99.99 Our Price£70.99
Replacement Bowls & Mat - Green
Was £14.49 Now£12.49
Replacement Bowls - Stainless Steel
2 RFID Collar Tags
RRP* £9.99 Our Price£7.49 £3.75 / unit

Automatic pet feeder with a solid lid and button cover to avoid your pet accidentally changing the settings. Feeding times can be set up to 3 times per day, for 6 x 240ml portions.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
1 Varieties from
6 x 240ml capacity
RRP* £54.99 Our Price£38.99

Ceramic bowls

Trixie Ceramic Cat

Stable, ceramic bowl for dry and wet food and water, dishwasher-safe. Colour: outside cream / inside blue

Delivery in 1-3 working days
1 Varieties from
0.3 litre
RRP* £3.49 Our Price£2.29

Two ceramic bowls in a black metal stand. The Eat on Feet bowl set is just the right height for your pet. The bowls are removable and dishwasher safe. Colours: light blue, purple and orange.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
1 Varieties from
2 x 0.3 litre
RRP* £12.99 Our Price£7.99

Stainless steel bowls

High quality food bowl from stainless steel with HUNTER logo. Slip-free, hygienic and dishwasher-proof.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
2 Varieties from
0.35 litre
RRP* £5.21 Our Price£2.99
0.55 litre
RRP* £5.95 Our Price£3.99

Small stainless steel bowl with cat imprint, perfect for cats.

Delivery in 1-3 working days
1 Varieties from
0.20 litre
Sold out.
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Trixie Cuddle Cats Placemat

A charming placemat with two entwined cats from Trixie. Perfect for any feeding place and ideal for cats with chaotic feeding habits.
Colour: white

Delivery in 1-3 working days
1 Varieties from
40 x 30cm (L x W)
RRP* £2.99 Our Price£1.49

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