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JR Farm Red Foxtail Millet

Product description

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Product description

Tasty and easy to digest supplement for all ornamental birds. Attaches easily to the cage with a clip or clothes peg. Your bird will love nibbling and picking at the seed.
Foxtail millet is a tasty, easy to digest treat which birds adore. Parakeets, canaries, and exotic birds all love foxtail millet and especially enjoy picking the seeds out of the husks.

It is easy to attach the millet to the cage with a clip or clothes peg. JR Birds Foxtail Millet is great way to give your bird a delicious treat and keep it amused at the same time.

Foxtail millet is suitable for breeding pairs or when raising a young bird and it provides an important food supplement if your bird is ill.

JR Farm Red Foxtail Millet at a glance:

  • Supplementary food for parakeets, canaries and other exotic birds
  • Healthy nibbling fun: a great boredom breaker
  • High-quality: fresh from the farm
  • With included clip: easy to attach to cage bars



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