• The friend or acquaintance cannot already be a zooplus customer.

  • The friend or acquaintance must place an order of at least £ 20.

  • The order (including payment or returns) must be completed before you receive your reward.

  • By sending this email, I accept the Terms & Conditions of this programme.

Refer a friend to zooplus - and reward your pet!

As a zooplus customer you know all about the advantages of shopping with us. Share these benefits with friends and relatives. For every new person you introduce to zooplus, we’ll reward you with either a voucher or Loyalty Points and send them a 10% welcome coupon.

It’s this easy:

  1. Log in (here or in my account) and choose the "Invite Friends" section.

  2. Send an invitation email with the 10% off code to your friends and acquaintances with pets, and would like to shop at zooplus.

  3. As soon as this person has ordered and the transaction is fully completed, you will receive your reward. Either

    • a £3 voucher for your next order at zooplus     or

    • 250 Loyalty Points redeemable in our Rewards Shop

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