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As a pet lover you know what your beloved four-legged friend needs: a warm bed, tasty, nutritious food, plenty of room to play, long walks, but most of all a loving human family. Sadly, not every pet gets the home it deserves. Many cats, dogs and small pets are homeless. The lucky ones are taken in and looked after by animal charities.

In order to help pets in need zooplus has launched the exclusive new brand "zoolove by zooplus". The idea behind the brand is simple: 10% of the sale price (excluding VAT) of all zoolove products sold will be donated to an animal charity. Whenever you buy a zoolove product you are not only being nice to your own pet, you are helping another pet dreaming of a good home.

Just a little means a lot - zoolove cares!

The zoolove range is available only at zooplus and includes a selection of premium pet food and treats as well as stylish accessories for your cat or dog. Treat your pet and make a difference.

A note from our current charity of the month:

Woodside Animal Welfare Trust

Woodside Animal Welfare Trust

"Woodside Animal Welfare Trust is based on the edge of Plymouth in the countryside of Elfordleigh. Established over 40 years ago, the charity helps 19 different species of animals. Dogs and cats make up the majority of homing, closely followed by rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents. The charity also offers permanent sanctuary to over 50 animals including various livestock. Woodside works hard in the community and helps with low cost neutering as well as feral cat colonies and the education of good pet ownership."

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The zoolove product range: