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How to keep your pet cool


Keep your pet cool and entertained with homemade dog ice cream or a frozen lick mat.

Wet Food

Giving your four-legged friend wet food will provide them with plenty of fluids. 

Cooling Mats

A cooling mat offers a chilled spot for a relaxed nap.


Pools filled with cool water will guarantee fun for your pet.


A shady spot keeps your furry friend cool-headed.

Drinking Water

Fresh drinking water should always be available to ensure your pet is well hydrated.

This is how your cat can stay cool even on hot summer days

Drinking plenty of fluids

To keep your cat hydrated on those hot summer days you can:

1. Place multiple water bowls around your home to ensure easy access to fresh water.

2 You can supplement your feline's water intake by mixing wet food with dry food. Also you can change your cat's diet to only wet food during the summer months.

Provide lots of shaded areas

During the hot season, dark floor and asphalted paths heat up and make it difficult for your pet to walk. Keep the ground cool by laying out light coloured or moistened blankets. Cooling mats and shaded spots under an umbrella are also great at keeping your furry friend chilled. 

Ice-cold cat snacks

It's not only us that enjoy a cool ice cream on hot days- our four-legged friends do too! Cat ice cream is simple to make at home and provides a tasty cooling treat for your cat. You can find delicious recipes for this icy treat in our zooplus Magazine. However, cats should enjoy their ice cream slowly and not too cold. Therefore, we recommend letting the ice cream thaw slightly before serving. 

Tips for keeping your dog cool this summer

A bath to help cool down

Bathing is a simple way for your furry friend to cool down in the hot weather. Whether this is a lake or a pool in the garden- a nice cool bath will keep your dog chilled and happy this summer. You could even add some water toys to maximise their fun in the sun!

Keeping hydrated

Dogs regulate their body temperature by panting. However, the more they pant, the more fluid they lose. 

To help keep your pooch hydrated, place multiple bowls of water around your home to ensure they have easy access to water. Additionally, you can also help to keep your dog hydrated by providing them with wet food. You can either feed your dog a mixture of dry and wet food or solely wet food!

Another tip: treat your four-legged friend to a delicious dog ice cream. This is simple to make at home and provides a tasty cooling treat for your dog.

Plan walks for early in the morning or late in the evening

Avoid taking your four-legged friend out on walks during the hot midday hours. The pavement heats up to scorching temperatures making it difficult for your dog to walk on and the sun beats down on your pet's fur. Moving your dog's walks to the early morning or late evening will help them keep cool this summer. Also, shorter distanced walks can also help, especially in shady woods and parks. 

Ice-cold snacks

Homemade dog ice cream or a frozen licking mat covered in your dog's favourite treat are both great ways to help your dog cool off. 

Cool areas to relax

Dogs seek cool spaces during hotter days where they can relax easily. You can provide your dog with a cooling mat which will help them cool down. This is a great option if your home lacks cools spots!