Caring for your Rabbits

Celebrating Rabbit Awareness Week

We're celebrating Rabbit Awareness Week here at zooplus! A well cared for rabbit can live many years - sometimes even as long as 12. 

To ensure your bun has the 'hoppiest' life possible, from a young kit to a OAB (old aged bun!) we've teamed up with rabbit nutrition experts Burgess to take a closer look at your rabbit's ideal diet. You'll also find some ideas for keeping your rabbit exercised and entertained.  

Don't forget to visit the official Rabbit Awareness Week website too, for even more tips and advice on appropriate care for your bun at every life-stage.

High-quality hay should make up 85-90% of your rabbit's diet

The ideal diet for your rabbit

High-quality hay should make up 85-90% of your rabbit's diet

1) Hay all day! High-quality hay should be freely available.

2) Supplement hay with rabbit nuggets to provide important vitamins and minerals.

3) Natural snacks can be fed by hand or hidden to encourage foraging.

4) A small amount of fresh greens every day, such as dandelion leaves or mint, add some tasty variety.

5) Fresh water. Don't forget to wash and refill water bottles daily.

  • 85-90% of your rabbit's diet should be hay

    In the wild, rabbits spend the vast majority of their day nibbling fibre-rich grasses, and their digestive system is almost constantly in motion. To replicate this for your pet, it's important to provide high-quality hay at all times. 

    Not providing enough fibrous food for your rabbits can lead to a serious condition called gut stasis, and may also result in dental problems.

    Burgess Excel Feeding Hay is 60% fibre and has dust extracted to provide a clean and healthy, primary diet for your rabbits.

Celebrating Rabbit Awareness Week at zooplus

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Exercise is important for your rabbit!

Exercise and enrichment

Rabbits love play tunnels!

Alongside a healthy diet, plenty of physical and mental exercise will help your bun stay in tip-top shape!

A large run will give your rabbit a safe place to roam and nibble grass in your garden. Make sure you provide sun protection on hot days, and a little den or house for them to hide in if they are startled.

Toys like tunnels and snack balls are fantastic for adding some fun to your bun's life.

Buns love to knaw on sticks, and this is great for keeping their teeth in good condition. Try providing your rabbit with a tasty willow ball.