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Our Local British Brands Are Ready for Launch!

We've scoured the UK for the finest pet brands, and they're all on board our rocket ship of savings. Your pets deserve the best, and our local heroes are here to deliver just that.

Treat your pets to gourmet meals, and out of this world snacks that'll make their tails wag faster than a rocket taking off! Our local brands bring you the tastiest, healthiest options to keep those tummies happy.

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  • Cat Litter
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Why shop local brands?

Premium qualityPremium qualityLocal heroes

We create healthy and nutritious products that meet food standards. Our secret recipe? We're like food detectives, always tracking down where our ingredients come from, and we say no to any sneaky artificial additives. Our products are the real deal!

Tradition and expertiseTradition & expertiseLocal heroes

Most of us are family-run businesses, still cooking up our delicious recipes where it all began. With years of know-how and the latest scientific standards, we're here to offer the best grub for your furry friends, no matter their life stage or specific needs.

SustainabilitySustainabilityLocal heroes

We're all about being kind to Mother Earth too. We're talking carbon-neutral production, harnessing renewable energy sources, and being super eco-friendly with our raw materials from local farms and packaging that's easy on the planet.

The local brands we love:

James Wellbeloved
Ever Clean
Natures Menu
Bunny Nature