Product Recall on Applaws UK Dry Cat Food

Product Recall on Applaws UK Dry Cat Food

We have been informed by our supplier MPM Products Limited that they have voluntarily recalled Applaws Dry Cat food products manufactured by Fold Hill Foods Ltd in the UK in the interest of consumer protection, as the Royal Veterinary College works to understand a potential safety issue.

A list of all affected products, as well as further information provided by the Food Standards Agency, can be found here:

Other than the products referred to no other products from our Supplier MPM Products Limited have been affected.

If you have fed your pet any of the above-listed products we recommend you to stop feeding immediately, throw the products away, and see your trusted veterinarian to clarify the condition of your pet further.

As the health and safety of pets is our top priority, we have already done the following on our UK zooplus shop:

- deactivate all Applaws Cat Dry food from our shop until we receive further information

- stop all promotion on Applaws Cat Dry food

- inform all our customers who have bought Applaws Cat Dry food

It also goes without saying that we will refund your purchase.

Please reach out to our Customer Care team who will support you through the process by clicking here

Kind regards,

your zooplus Team