Lukullus Junior

I ordered the economy deal of 2 bags of this, only to find every time I tried introducing it gradually to my golden retriever puppy it gave him chronic diarrhoea, even with YUDIGEST to aid his digestion. I gave up and put him back on the Royal Canin and he is fine. Now I am trying to find a dog owner who can use those 2 bags of Lukullus Junior!


Seem to work for our boy

Chose this as seemed to have higher nutritional content and liked the idea of cold pressed. It seems to be working for him digestion-wise and certainly less wind than on other foods. We use his dried food for training treats and I like that I can break these up into smaller pieces. They also soak easily if I'm freezing them for kong filling

06/15/21 | Paulina

diarrhea in a puppy even after a small amount

my puppy got diarrhea after dry food until he landed at the vet...after 2 weeks of eating only rice with chicken, we try again but the diarrhea came back ... now I need to get ride of this food

06/03/21 | Patricia

Lab puppy loves this!

My lab puppy loves this food. He’s had it since he was 2 months old and now at 4 months still loves it. After some research, I found this food was higher in nutritional value than other store bought brands. I’m happy with this brand and will be buying more!


Large breed puppy (5 months 22kg)

We have a caladonian wolfalike. It was recommended by a friend as the nutrition value is more than double the science hill pupy food) We slowly introduced this dry food to his old ones over the space of a week ( adding small amounts at first and then increasing the portion) and have not had an issue. His poops are more solid . We mix them with a bit of chicken etc. The size of the kibble may be too big for small breeds. However large breeds will be fine.


Bits are far too big

This arrived quickly, and when I opened the pack, my puppy sniffed the air and ran over. However, he is a little Maltese of 21 weeks and the pieces are far bigger than the picture shows, with most between 3 and 4 cms - far too big for his little mouth. They are also too hard for me to break up easily, so I cut a few with poultry shears and he loved them. But I have very arthritic hands, so cutting them all is neither possible nor practical. So they will be given away.

08/21/17 | Jade

Does not agree with my lab

I bought this food after reading multiple reviews but have found that it gave my 3yr old chocolate lab awful backdoor trots! I eased him onto the food gently but it still didn't agree with him. Have also noticed excessive drinking since he's been on this diet and not sure if it's connected to the ingredients. The food looks good and I'm sure it's good quality, but it's just not for my boy.

06/21/17 | Tammy

First time puppy owner.

After much research decided on this brand for our lab puppy. When we first got him he suffered terrible digestive problems after being on this food for less then a week the problem was sorted. His poo is now firm and easy to pick up, he seems to really enjoy this food and it smells pleasant. He's growing as he should and the vet is very happy with him now. I would recommend. Whilst researching I found a lot of people online believed these reviews were written by people affiliated with zooplus, I am in no way connected to the company.



We struggled finding a food for our pup that had good ingredients and at reasonable price. This fits both, plus its the only food that hasn't effect her number 2's or her bad wind she was having(no longer). Would totally recommend the food to everyone, comes well package and has a nice smell to it surprisingly.


So impressed!

I have a lab puppy who has a very sensitive stomach. I have tried a few different brands of food and we just couldn't get rid of the runny poos until now. Every since he has been on this the difference is amazing. Can't recommend this brand enough. I also a 3 year old lab who is now on this brand as well and they both love it.

04/07/16 | Poppy Tyson

My dog is so fussy

My dog gets bored with all food but the two I get from Zooplus. One is this excellent quality food. She always loves it.

03/08/16 | chris

i'd eat this stuff in a zombie apocalypse

it's very nice x

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